Thor – Disneycember 2015

Dangit! This is a movie that SHOULD suck, so why doesn’t it? Doug checks out Thor. Get some Nostalgia Critic T-Shirts here – See more …
2015-12-04 16:30:00

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  1. good movie I hope that someday videogames will get the same treatment and respect that is given to comic book movies

  2. But what about Tom Hiddleston's phenomenal acting, dammit?!

  3. "Thor" was pretty good film. It's a solid superhero fantasy epic with visual god's landscapes, talented English performances, and self-respect source material of using a God's superhero into a better adaptation. Which can be true for most parts and I honestly think it's a better version than most Marvel films. Two leading roles of Chris Hemsworth (good choice for an Aussie actor) and Tom Hiddleston (talented villain) were great in this movie. The cast is good including Hopkins and Elba were quite memorable, and the rest were good for most parts. The story is a good God's origin story, the action scenes were impressive, and it's a Marvel's Shakespeare/The Lion King film, which is quite similar if you think about it. Imagine Thor can spend time staying at the New Mexico with Hakuna Mattata and you get a silly God's superhero film. Overall, a really good film.

  4. I love Thor movies. im afraid of Doug ripping into it

  5. You know how some first superhero movies in a series are origin stories e.g. Batman Begins, Superman, Spider-Man and some are not e.g. Batman (1989), Blade, X-Men. Where would Thor belong too? I would venture to guess it's a non origin story. I mean even though we see how Thor came to earth, meet Jane Foster and learn to be less arrogant we never saw how he got his hammer and learn to be a warrior. When we see Chris Hemsworth for the first time he's already a warrior who's been in many battles.

  6. Phantom of Fimfiction

    Best pre-Avengers movie in my opinion. (Iron Man is a close second)

  7. Since Thor is the closest Marvel has to Shakespeare so having Kennith as director is a good choice.

  8. Say what you will about this movie but it's one of my all time favorite movies. Thor is one of my favorite characters and honestly they did the best they could with thor's origin. In the comics he when he was banished he was reincarnated into a doctor named don Donald Blake. Only when he learns his humility he is worthy. So in that front they did their damndest to get this right enough so mainstream audiences could understand his origin.

  9. I LOVE Thor because of this movie honestly. He's funny and charming and honorable and you want him to succeed and redeem himself and kick butt.

  10. Why do I always think of Dr. Pepper when I remember this movie?

  11. Just so you know. He needed to go to earth anyways it was suppose to happen. Plus it's apart of the comics and Hawkguy from the avengers is in this. So it all connects especially at the end of Iron man 2 where they find the hammer.

  12. oh wow a critic that didn't complain about the dutch angles, that's a first.

  13. I thought Thor was alright. No, actually, I thought it was good, it's a good movie. Not sure why people rag on it…

  14. Thor and Iron Man are the funniest marvel movies imo

  15. I don't particularly like or go out of my way to see super hero movies, but I own both of the Thor movies and have watched them many times.

    How Doug could walk through this movie without talking about the parallel narratives between the rise and fall of the two brothers is beyond me. I thought the parts in Asgard were epic, and the parts on earth, especially in the beginning were hilarious. When Darcy tasered Thor I was sold!

  16. Anyone know the background and intro music that plays?

  17. Since when was Loki and Thor related? I thought Loki was the son of Fenrir.

  18. At least with The Winter Solder, I can see what all the fuss is about, even though I do think it's overrated. Don't get me wrong. I like Winter Solder, it's a good movie. Just overrated. But, Thor on the other hand. This is a movie that I can't find anything that stands out. It's standard, but yet people praise this movie like it's The Dark Knight. Like it's super ground breaking and it's so amazing that it should've been the first comic book movie to win Best Picture. But, the problem with Thor is that it has all the cliches that have been in so many comic book movies that it feels like nothing about it seems to stand out. It's watchable. But, yet people still call Thor a masterpiece like it puts The Dark Knight and The Godfather to shame. I just don't get the appeal.

  19. 4:41 – "I was Thor-ly impressed"

  20. 42Caio (Caio Esteves)

    I have no problem with the Earth portion of this movie. Yes, it is the weaker part of it, buth eh. I think people are too harsh on it. It had a few laughs and Thor interacting with the people and the world was entertaining enough. The biggest problem with the movie is how Thor goes through a full redemption and learning valuable life lessons in what, 3 days? It should have been paced better on that regard. But other than that, I don't see what people dislike about this movie, I thought it was pretty fun to watch.

  21. No one talking about how amazing Anthony Hopkins was? the cast in this movie was precise… maybe Natalie Portman don't.

  22. What song is playing throughout the video?

  23. what is the name of the music ?

  24. If I ever live to see another He-Man movie, I want Eternia to look as cool as Asgard did in Thor.

  25. I just realize that "Thor" is quite similar to "The Lion King." Thor is like Marvel's Shakespearian Hamlet and The Lion King is like Disney's Shakespearian Hamlet. That's a cool reference.

  26. And this movie has some pretty good shirtless hunk scenes too…What? Girls can appreciate fanservice too!

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