Thor – Diner Scene

Thor claims for another drink smashing the coffee cup. “This drink… I like it!” “Another!” “It was delicious, I want another.”
2012-08-24 23:40:54

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  1. "No more smashing" … 0:33 looks at her boobs/body

  2. typical woman… 'no more smashing' then a few hours later no doubt they ended up smashing .. Make ur mind up 😂😂😂


  4. "This woman, i like it."



  5. watches bonnie rotten and whacks it 3 times

    this related video. i like it. ANOTHER!

  6. I envy Thor's ability to be able to eat that much food and still be that fit and strong.

  7. yeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I hope one day they remake thor and leave out the other avengers and earth
    Just have it set in space with his warrior crew
    I mean Lady Sith and they chose Kathy Dennings – Come on!
    It was sci-fi LOTR until he went to earth
    Loki and Thor was great complex drama
    also I thought he was dumbed down in the avengers
    his hammer being deflected by that stupid shield and Thor taking orders from a man who honestly was probably a virgin – Nah – I dont buy that
    Thor would NEVER take orders unless from his father

  9. This drink is FUCKING good. GIMME TWO MORE!

  10. me after finishing an anime series

  11. this reminds me of DJ Khalad

  12. llh no more smashing

  13. this guy is a champ

  14. No smashing deal? By the look in his face he's like damn I'll still try to smash that

  15. me after watching the last season :(ANOTHER!!!

  16. DC-Version:

    This timeline,I like it. Smashes Timeline ANOTHER!

  17. so he is a coffee man, not a tea man

  18. I really like how he adapted and was like ok instead of complaining why they don't do things like that

  19. Marvel movies suck, deal with it.

  20. thor with jane having sex
    this vagina i like it another!!
    and grabs darcy…

  21. Me after each comic book movie.

  22. Love this scene I tried it and got kicked out lol

  23. Thor is my favorite

  24. There's a little Italian restaurant near my house and the people there are great. I ordered an eggplant parmigiana and when I was finished I looked at the manager and yelled "ANOTHER!" And tossed my fork on the ground. He laughed his ass off and said "Hey Thor, there's no way you can still be this hungry',

  25. Thor smashs

  26. Erbium Indium Gilbert

    He reminds me of Kevin from Ghostbusters… oh wait.

  27. hay max what yu doin hangin out with thore ?

  28. Yh i tried that infront of my mom, that dident go to well..

  29. No more smashing 😂😂😂😂that's what she said😭😭

  30. omg thor another

  31. How the fuck can somebody hate this?(fanboys with stick up their asses?

  32. "How could you eat an entire box of pop-tarts and still be this hungry?"

    Seriously? An entire box of pop-tarts ain't shit, sweetheart!

  33. Witch thor movie is this ?

  34. If Chris Hemsworth wasn't cast as Thor here's who would've played him. Either: Daniel Craig, Channing Tatum, WWE Superstar – Triple H, Joel Kinnamon even Chris's Brother Liam !!!

  35. I should try that in a bar some time.


    Kevin when he spits out the coffee saying that he hates it.

    "This drink! I hate it! NOT ANOTHER!" throws the mug at the Ghostbusters

  37. how dissapoint will hulk heard "no more smashing"

  38. i wish i could do that just after finishing a drink smash the glass and go ANOTHER!!

  39. I love how Jane crouches to pick up the mess and then she just doesn't.

  40. Hes a viking god, your notions of not breaking a cup displeases him haha

  41. At the bar i go to all the time, whenever someone dropped a glass I'd shout " I'LL HAVE ANOTHER!!!"

    Sadly only few outside of staff would get the reference.

  42. Sebastian GORGEOUS Stan!

    i'm trying so hard not to laugh bc its in the middle of the night and my parents are sleeping

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