Thor destroys Ironman (The Rundown)

Rune King Thor: — Twitter: …
2016-10-10 14:49:59

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  1. bro you're so fking funny

  2. Question: Can you take the strand of his hair and just clone him with that?
    Answer: Yeah, man! This is Marvel comics man, I can do anything.
    Rob, you had me with that one.

  3. Why cornflakes Rob? you don't like Fruity Peebles? 😂

  4. this was a great beatdown. thor treats him like a child.

  5. i think you got corn flakes from Cohagan on Total Recall

  6. I miss these rundowns.

  7. Hold up Rob …this shit was amazing lol this video had me rollin lmfaooo

  8. best commentary I have ever heard you do

  9. this was my all time favorite set it panels in any issue.

  10. Loved these comics, awesome video 😀

  11. What issue is this

  12. Rob I don't care what anybody says I love the way you do these videos especially when you're as excited about the same issues I'm excited about. You're definitely the best keep it up! only thing I would add is that you forgot to mention the only reason he didn't kill Iron Man right there on the spot. the part involving Captain America. I think that part truly shows Thor's Godly abilities and in my opinion proves that Thor is truly a god in the Marvel Universe. It's also one of the best parts of the story

  13. holy shit this was good

  14. Kryptonian Excellence

    Anthony got wrecked!

  15. I still don't know which is the name of the comic, somebody tell me for the love of Thor!

  16. Wait so after this is the siege comic right?

  17. Loved the narration on this. Thanks!

  18. Asgard – state of USA

  19. i love that Macoroni Tony gets mollywhopped

  20. This has got to be THE BEST AND FUNNIEST commentary EVER!

  21. if iron man would have been prepared for the fight them u should have picked thor's ass just like how he kicked hulk's ass.
    And in the other hand this story was very nice but the hero in the story was thor because he put iron man in his place cuz ironman was thinking that if he was the director of the shield then he could give orders to anybody but no.
    it's an awesome story guys and I want this in the mcu
    but still I think iron man is the best……

  22. Bru you make the best videos of all time

  23. I fucking love this! The commentary and Iron Man being put in his place is awesome! Good fucking job Rob.🖒 That rymed

  24. now let me tell you somethin

  25. still my favorite video

  26. What I think about is that is' some of the better art I've seen. Who drew (still draws?) all of this Marvel art?

  27. Is that Marvels actual building? Maybe there HQ or something?

  28. You say 'like' too much in this video. You sound like your rambling very unlike you other videos.

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