how you gonna call Odin a bitch lol ITALIAN: TWITTER – FACEBOOK …
2013-09-13 20:38:15

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  1. No scope bird any one

  2. Frather

  3. Comments Below Try To Be Funnier Than Stamper

  4. narrator from battle block theatre

  5. 0:13 odin looks so triggered

  6. F R A T H E R

  7. This is the best thing ever.

  8. best thor movie

  9. I can never trust those things…

  10. have some candy

  11. Is this the new pez advert?

  12. JOHNSMITH11, The Guy of Thunder

    How have I never seen this before today??? 10/10!

  13. "Here, Have some candy"

  14. this is one of the greatest videos i have ever seen

  15. English Captions: I beg to differ frather – here have some candy
    Auto-generated Captions: I beg to differ from her yeah have some candy

  16. guys stamped is from battle block theater u can hear it in his voice

  17. Your voice is lovely.

  18. This is on Web Junk.

    Thank you.

  19. See this 5 times per day, is good for my soul

  20. "I beg to differ, Frather" hahaha


  22. haha i lough my balls of

  23. A traveler of yeems

  24. "Those niggas tried to punk me, I don't do that shit."

  25. oh man…. i had forgotten how funny stamper is.

  26. (those niggas tried to punk me i don't play that shit) … I lost my shit when I heard this, XD

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