Thor Aackerlund hits Tetris Level 30 & 999,999 point score (NES)

– Thor Aackerlund’s run on NES Tetris, including a 999999 maxout score and a trip to Level 30. Footage provided by Thor …
2013-06-06 18:17:01

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  1. could be kids knocking

  2. Red bull on one side of the TV, NES on it's side on the other side of the TV. I guess that's the trick. I'll have to try that next time.


    what a legend 27

  4. Was this guy even better than Jonas? I've seen Jonas hit the max score too, but it can't be something that happens very often. And it seems you need to be pretty lucky to pass level 29, since there's no way to build much on the edges of the board at that speed anymore, so you need to already have a well in the middle and the right pieces to drop in it.

  5. This is the greatest advert for RedBull in the entire world. They should pay Thor for use of the video, it wouldnt need editing.
    It would be way more successful than any RedBull advert so far.

  6. This is because of Red Bull

  7. damn! that's nuckin' futts, not breaking stride while someone knocks obnoxiously on his door

  8. Lol "hold my Red Bull"

  9. Literally a perfect game. Never seen anything so clean in my life.

  10. Boom! tetris for Jeff!!!!!

  11. This is the highest level of video game skill I think I've ever seen.

  12. Thor really needs to do something to describe how he can hypertap that controller. His lateral movements are inhumanly fast, it's almost hard to believe. (although I do believe it).
    Seriously Thor, if you ever read this, you've got to explain your mastery…

  13. I remember as a kid I played Tetris a lot, it just give me memories of it, I can´t remember if I started at lvl 9 or 19, but I'm pretty sure I lost at 242 lines because it happened like your video, once you reach those lines, be able to do more is nearly impossible!!

    Great video!

  14. GOD LIKE!

  15. Very smart to have the door knocker and the cough at the end to end any naysayers.

  16. This might not look like a big feet given the speed the pieces seem to be moving, but those of us who grew up with this game know how ridiculous it is to move the pieces left or right in post 9 levels (button mashing the directional pad is mandatory)

  17. Fucking idiot knocking on the door needs to be punched. Sounds like a 3 year old, still knocking despite being told to hold on then just knocks in patterns just for fun.

  18. This would make a great Red Bull ad

  19. had that been me:

    casually set red bull down
    opens door and punches younger brother for breaking my concentration
    sits down, sips more red bull and proceed to run it back

    well done though, sir. well done.

  20. Ангел Пасков

    Geez,awesome!Thor you are alien,man hehe.Amazing proportion of tetrises,left ,right,center well…..what comes with the flow.Trully enjoyed watching this

  21. Give him even more credit for doing the last part of this with some asshat bangin on his door.

  22. Thor Aackerlund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Not very impressive, being that he's obviously cheating…

    …drinking Redbull, it's not like we all haven't heard how it gives you wings.

  24. I'm amazed at how well he switches well positions. This video really is like watching someone paint a masterpiece

  25. i'm confused. how did he get to level 30 without clearing 300 lines? why did it go from level 19 to level 20 when he hit 140 lines (instead of 200 lines)?

  26. LOL playing level 30 and some asshole is banging on the door to the Tetris theme

  27. Why doesn't he play in world championships

  28. Is he the only guy to max out the game at lvl 30 and not 29? Every other max out I have seen ends at level 29. If that is so then this guy is the real deal.

  29. Nice. Highest I ever reached was level 15.

  30. how do you drum and play tetris at the same time

  31. Longest Red Bull Commercial

  32. that knocking in the end made me rage so hard even from only watching him play

  33. Perfect ending to ecstasy of order. Honestly I didn't believe Thor when he said he made it to 30, now I feel a bit guilty for doubting him. I wonder if Jonas and Harry felt the same way after they saw this video?

  34. this is witchcraft

  35. who was at the door?

  36. I would have lost my shit if someone was knocking on my door like that at such a crucial time. I got irritated just watching. Dont want to imagine what you were thinking

  37. Is the product placement in this video intended? It lookd much like this because the cans are directly next to the TV.

    It seems that the Nintendo developer thought that noone would ever reach level 30. Becuase the counter goes to 00.

  38. Absolutely Amazing NWC champ still has the skills

  39. So does Thor claim to have gotten maxout points and have gotten to lvl 30 back when he was young or is this something he only first did recently past few years??

  40. Wow! First person on this planet! Graz!

  41. Seemed like a great guy from the documentary. Congratulations man.

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