Thor 3 Ragnarok Trailer Reaction

I know it’s late guys, we’re sorry. We filmed this and then just had no time to edit and put it up. But summer is almost here, so that will help free up time for us!
2017-04-22 18:05:19

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  1. Thank you guys so much for the 1000 subscribers, you all are amazing. Our Instagram: Embracenormal for those who wanted to know 😀 Have a cool rest of your day guys!!

  2. Great reaction!

  3. Comics were and are so ahead of their time.

  4. Ok , this trailer is the best trailer of the year so far , That Led Zeppelin music 🔥🔥 , Hammer broken from get go 👍 , Hella looks so good 👏 , looking forward to it , I have a request , Why don't u girls react to EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY 🤞🤞

  5. In case you didn't already know, the song that plays during the trailer is "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin. If you listen to the lyrics, it makes it even better since it is about vikings going off to war and even mentions Valhalla and the "Hammer of the Gods".

    Also, the standing rumor is that Hela will be standing in for Death during the Infinity storyline (Avengers 3 & 4).

    Randomly found you. Great reactions!

  6. Girl with the Thor bag is super hot, and she's into comics which makes her even more attractive, I remember a time when if you wanted a date, you didn't mention you were into comics, they were looked down upon. People would be like Comics? How old are you? 10?

  7. So Jeff Goldblum has worked with both Liam and Chris now lol. (if you dont know he's the guy with the white hair)

  8. If your put Thor's hammer in the Thor bag and you lift the bag onto your shoulder, does that mean you are WORTHY????

  9. I am waiting your next video and namesssssssss <3

  10. @embracing normality are you there?

  11. The girl on the right is very very pretty, i subscribed!

  12. The timing with Hulks entrance when you go "Nooo!!!" and right after Thor goes "Yesss!!!" Was spot on. I was busting up. XD

  13. You girls look hot you need to do more reactions

  14. I subscribed because pretty girls

  15. That villain girl is kate blanchet as Hella : Goddess of Hell

  16. blow me a kiss and i'll sub..

  17. My fave part about watching girls watch this video…its always the same…"No they cut his HAIR!!!!!!!!"

  18. love the fact you women are big marvel fans ! hard to find that now and days. So attractive. subbd!

  19. You two are awesome.. subbed

  20. just subscribed to your channel, Ladies 🙂

  21. osarumen erhunmwunsee

    if you really are a huge thor fan. i recommend you guys to read thor god of thunder. its amazing. to be honest, Thor is far more stronger in comics than how they portrayed him in movies.

  22. Girls…Led Zeppelin -The Immigrants Song and your beautiful. Loved the reaction. You got a sub. Peace.

  23. Some of the Guardians are going to be in the movie towards the end.. That is what I've been hearing..

  24. Kerine can you which new dc justice league trailer official oak

  25. Watched your Logan review, which perhaps wasn't the most insightful, but nevertheless honest and well done in it's own emotional right. And as you're open for suggestions (read this in comment section), perhaps you could do some re-reviews*; same as with the crew at the redlettermedia channel, trying to create awareness of hidden gems? If you think that's a good idea, here's a handful to get you started:
    Four Lions
    Tucker & Dale versus Evil
    Welcome back Mr. McDonald
    Four shades of brown

    *Also you might want to give the format a different name, like "Movies too few has heard of" (or sumpthin' more catchy :/ )

  26. CUTE. ..

  27. love the last comments…"boy please"

  28. Dame it i was so close 😜i just google it and it look very beautiful and it would be nice to visit you someday and knowing you better 😘

  29. The song is Led Zeppelin immigrant song. Trent reznor also redid the song and sounds just as cool as the original. The song took this trailer to 11 on a 1to 10 scale!

  30. Y'all should react to The Hitman bodyguard trailer please

  31. ou812 reactions n more

    2 hot chicks

  32. Nice, lovely & funny reaction, especially at the Hulk's presence…. 🙂
    I don't know if it's asked before, so do forgive me….Are you both sisters or best friends or just distantly related to each other?….Again, do forgive me for asking this….
    One more question, other than movies' trailers reactions, would you guys wanna do reaction on any TV shows you guys watch?
    Thank you & best regards…

  33. Thanks 😘And i guess it is California or Miami or Florida am i right my lovely orichide 😘

  34. And what state my love? and i'm from Germany 😘

  35. That's good to know and you two are lovely orichides but you(on the right) will always be my favorite 😍kiss love you and one question where are you from?

  36. I love it, 2 fine ladies who love to geek out about these MCU movies plus other types of movies just as much as the rest of us, what in the world is better than that? Glad I stumbled onto you beautiful women's youtube reaction link.

  37. Literally fell in love with one of u

  38. Thanks 😘May i ask you where you are from?And who of you two orichides are answering always my comments anyway the left or the right one😊

  39. Kerine morat i want you watch new justice league trailer

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