THOR 3 RAGNAROK – “Team Thor” – TRAILER Tease (2017) Marvel Superhero Movie

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2017-02-14 14:53:54

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  1. CD shot hot adult is is is

  2. Haha love this 😊😊😊😊

  3. Haha gazillion

  4. Chriiiis! 🙌

  5. Thor marketing team trying to do a promo like Deadpool, only it feels awkward and forced because Chris Hemsworth's Thor is just not that funny.

  6. 7 6v DTPq1 w 1 w

  7. a little bit too much, man. or should i say, marvel.

  8. is he gay?

  9. fucking bullshit  video

  10. An advertisement for an ad.

  11. Give me the trailer already!!!! I don't need spidey, spidey is overhyped! I need THOR. And give me Anthony Hopkins face even for a split second, me damnit!!!!

  12. avern vc muito

  13. hey guys look how our characters act and look like idiots isn't it funny ?

  14. This is funny and all , but I wanna see some actual film footage. with the hulk , Hela loki and yes Surtur.

  15. that was awesome

  16. I really want this to be part of the movie.

  17. You can watch all new movies here including this one – wholemovieonline,com

  18. power of movie world and more videos

    my favrot is thor in avengers

  19. get ready for everyone to do a reaction to a 1:10 sec video

  20. Muscles are brains, these are muscles, therefore I am covered in brains, more brains than you! hahahaha.

  21. this is fake ! the video made for civil war

  22. and folks, this is why thor movies are the worst in the MCU

  23. i am looking forward to seeing this movieee

  24. Stop please , I am begging

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