THOR 3 RAGNAROK Official Trailer Tease (2017) Marvel Superhero Movie HD

THOR 3 RAGNAROK Official Trailer Tease (2017) Marvel Superhero Movie HD © 2017 – Marvel Studios.
2017-02-14 14:58:28

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  1. nice and cool body thore i like it toooo much

  2. Fuck you, Marvel, you're ruining Thor! This is one of the STUPIDEST scenes I have ever seen in any movie (and I've seen some). But come on! You've got the Hulk! You've got Doc Strange! You've got Anthony Hopkins, Cate Blanchet and Tom Hiddleston and THIS is what you come up with? Fuck you, Marvel. Just fuck you.

  3. I need a servant. Time to get rid of the minimum wage.

  4. 0:31 My mom and me.

  5. "The brain is a muscle, and that's a muscle, and that's a muscle, they're all muscles. This is all muscle, so I'm covered in brains and I've more brains than you"


  6. you should make a movie about thor just being thor. the stupid logic and corny jokes are awesome.

  7. This whole thing is giving me the best kind of Almighty Johnsons' vibe. I wonder if the director has seen it as they're both from New Zealand. 😀

  8. is Thor drunk? lmao

    "i am covered in brains… literally i have more brains than you"

  9. Hahahahaha

  10. It's actually hard to argue with logic like that.

  11. Actually Thor, the brain is mostly made out of fat… Hey! I'm covered in brains!

  12. thor skips legday

  13. this is funny and all, but when are going to get the actual FUCKING trailer!?!

  14. Daryl > Galaga Guy

  15. Thor, what have you become? 😂😂

  16. well.. hulk have bigger brains than thor 😛 XD

  17. "Knowledge is power"
    Where are the GOT fans at?

  18. I would watch the shit out of this.
    Also if I were a man – I would be fuckin' Thor >> "knowledge is not power ::flexes a fine biceps:: this is power"
    "I'm covered in brains" amen to that man, amen 😀

  19. Wait.. Thor in a 'Teaser' and then all of a sudden Doctor Strange shows up at the end????

  20. technically, brain is not a muscle.. just saying!

  21. I waited till the end to see some more😀

  22. I don't really like Thor that much, but I love this. "I'm covered in brains".

  23. well Thor, in Philadelphia their worth 50 bucks!

  24. Well.. Darrell would be in problem if thor places his hammer on covered toilet seat..

  25. I think they should go with this personality for all of his future Thor films.

  26. Who thought Thor can be the funniest superhero ever?

  27. King Gooch The Troll King

    Thor is right. I found an Asgardian coin while I was in the Philippines and it is worth a gazillion human dollars.

  28. We should get a servant its settle'd we're getting a servant LOL why didn't I think of that

  29. Am I the only one who wants a avengers sitcom? yes? Okay …I'll just leave then …

  30. did thor just "yay!"d? xD hahaha

  31. 0:07 WTF.. that chicken leg thou

  32. I am sorry?

  33. Amaranthine Darkness Concedes the Light

    I want to hang myself.

  34. No one's noticing the fact that Thor's wearing some Wonderwoman down there? xD

  35. I didn't know I wanted this but I do, I want a Thor comedy show

  36. Eruraina i idhren-weg

    Wtf?! First I couldn't figure out if this is a comedy or no. Seems legit though! collapses on the floor laughing

  37. Daryll and Loki will get the infinity stones to Thanos just because Thor was a dick…

  38. Plastic must be very valuable in Asgard…………..

  39. Mjonir has definetly questionable morals to choose Thor as a worthy individual.

  40. I just see Godric Gryffindor here.

  41. Almost as good as choc milk.

  42. Thor is like Thad from Blue Mountain State

  43. Can we have a whole entire movie about dorky Thor trying to live with his girlfriend and trying to adjust to the daily and horribly mundane life of earth? lol

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