THOR 3 RAGNAROK NEW Official Teaser Trailer (2017) Marvel Superhero Movie

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2017-02-14 15:10:45

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  1. this is crazy funny

  2. CUT…!! Chris, how many times do we have to tell you.. Thor Thor Thor…!! not Kevin Kevin Kevin…!!
    (sigh)!!! fuck it.. roll it… … maybe it'll add some life to this bullshit…….

  3. LOL this was awesome!!

  4. I don't have a phone, send a raven.

  5. Yawl got jokes… 🖕😂🖕

  6. This is so bad….you could not pay me to watch this crap..

  7. marvel should do a show on them

  8. Uh so when is the real trailer going to come out?? Feels like I and us have been waiting forever.

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  11. Haha. Loved it

  12. I'm confused. someone please explain.

  13. anybody else get that Wilfred vibe from him?

  14. DG Ragnaroks? Zombies? no?

  15. im following Thor's logic

  16. The clickbait is real…

  17. Click bait

  18. Okay, don't reveal about The hulk . Seriously .

  19. Please Thor, I hope you are in 'GOTG Vol. 2 (This Year) ' .

  20. Where is the Hulk ??

  21. What the fuck is this

  22. Thor legs need more gym hahahaa

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