THOR 3 RAGNAROK Comic-Con Teaser Trailer (2017)

Official Thor 3 Ragnarok Clip Production Teaser Trailer – 2017 Marvel Superhero Movie Comic-Con SDCC | Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Tom …
2016-08-28 16:42:30
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  1. ok is this supposed to be a trailer? if yes thats the worst trailer like EVER !

  2. 2:37 Watching bruce banner pick up his s5 neo on my s5 neo. Weird

  3. he's heavily muscled.

  4. 2:17 you can see thor wearing floral boxers lmao

  5. 3:00 LOL "send a raven"

  6. Daryl needs to have a cameo in Thor ragnarok

  7. Where´s Jane Foster?

  8. absolutely fucking great. Lol so hilarious. Lol oh thor you simple minded fuck. Lol this is why we love you.

  9. Irrelevant but what Samsung phone does Ruffalo have? It seems like a Galaxy S6 regular…

  10. XD wtf is this omfg

  11. How does this have over 300 dislikes?!

  12. Reminds me of the doctor in doctor who.

  13. solo ese marica hablando

  14. mjolnir tucked into bed was so cute

  15. This kind of disappointed me. I thought Hulk flying in the jet in Avengers 2 was going to have him meet up with someone new like the Guardians of The Galaxy or something. Nope. Nothing happens.

  16. Darrel and Thor = Tharrel. Thats his new team names

  17. 30 second ad and can't skip,noooooooo

  18. there needs to be an office style comedy with the avengers … all about their lives outside of fighting xD

  19. Darrel rocks!

  20. 1:57 The time stone was confirmed to be the Eye Of Agamotto months before we noticed.

  21. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄, that's was cool

  22. Team Thor

    Dr. Strange


    Lady Sif
    Warriors 3

  23. This is Canon now right?

  24. Maybe fury is furry

  25. Ryo Andeta padmaputra

    anyone else noticed bruce banner declined the phone call?

  26. hahahaaaa… thor and hulk interview

  27. Beware!!!It's not a teaser trailer or any kind of trailer. It's a mockumentary called "While You Were Fighting"

  28. "It's almost ready…delicious"
    the little smile afterwards😂

  29. "Dear Steve Rogers…. Do you remember when I goaded you into killing those prisoners and you made me swear never to tell the other avengers…" I'm dead lmaoo

  30. Thor is forming his own team. I think he shd join forces with Dr Strange, Ghost rider and make magic team

  31. The Bed can hold Mjolnir. THE BED IS WORTHY.

  32. Omg why am i the only one in the comments that says there isn't even a trailer in this video?

  33. If this is "Official", why is not on Marvel's YouTube Channel?

  34. This has Taika Waititi written all over it! <3 always has a "Daryl" character in all his movies. Stew in What we Do in The Shadows? Rocky in Boy?

  35. hey his question… its a quest. …ion… an element of the quest…look at the art. the graphic of the word.

  36. very diffrent trailer

  37. omg is this real? Please let it be real!

  38. Hysterical, it's so cute with my favorite characters.

  39. lol wtf is this

  40. they did pronounce it "furry" in local dub -.-

  41. Spooky Scary Skeleton

    Now i see why the new Look of the title has an 80s retro theme to it.

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