Thor (2011) “Thor in the Hospital” Deleted, Cutted & Alternative Scenes

Thor (2011) “Thor in the Hospital” Deleted, Cutted & Alternative Scenes Synopsis: The powerful but arrogant god Thor is cast out of Asgard to live amongst …
2013-10-18 11:40:42

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  1. I think he was going to say Thor.

  2. but… but he looked so happy when he first woke up! lol. poor Thor. just bring him a healing stone, you savages!

  3. Thor had a nice wake up.

  4. this scene wasn't deleted I saw it when I watch the movie

  5. 2:08 Jiggaly butt! Jiiii-ga-ly butt! Ji-ga-ly-y-y butt! (Yes Pokemon!)

  6. I love Thor ❤️

  7. Fought entire armies but can't deal with a few security guards?

  8. Mighty what u didn't finish!!!

  9. Somebody's mad!

  10. wht did thr doctor do at 2:04

  11. If love to hang out with Thor, if just to see him beat the shit out of anyone

  12. "Just taking a little blood" "how dare you attack the son of odin" hahaha literally me everytime I go to the doctors

  13. That thumbnail @ 2:10

  14. Stop rude to the god!

  15. god ? god ? !! nooo !! stupid human .

  16. I don't understand. He's Asgardian so it should have been insanely easy for him to hold his own against those Earthlings, but he wasn't finding it very easy. It was as if he was just a strong human. Nothing more.

  17. That was soooooooooo funny they need to have it in the movie

  18. Red and Blue, God vs men, 1 vs 7.

  19. "Then bring me a healing stone, you savages!"

    This is gold! Why would they delete this. xD

  20. did he just B punch the first guy taking his blood.

  21. what are those two doctors doing at the back?

  22. that was awesome why wasn't it in

  23. I felt bad for Thor. They had no right to assault him. If they would have backed off when he started with how dare you and explained to him that nobody is there to harm him then he might have calmed down.

  24. I laugh every time I see him against that door and slide down.

  25. Thor's crazy!!!!!!!! I never do this when i'm in a hospital…

  26. If he would've thrown punches…


  28. I wish thehealing stone part was in lol makes you understand more thors people and magic /tech

  29. Actually my favorite thing in the world

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