Thor (2011) CLIP | Thor Returns To Asgard – Loki Kills King Laufey (Scene) | HD

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2017-06-12 14:08:21

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  2. I feel like this movie would've worked so much better if it was set up like Deadpool with the Earth sections and Asgard sections before Thor's exile interspersed with each other because while all of Thor's character development happens on Earth that part of the movie drags the pacing would've worked so much better and better yet they could've taken advantage of that by showing the dichotomy of Thor before and after his exile back to back similar to what DoFP did with it's future to past scenes with Magneto.
    The framework for a great movie is there but it just falls short save for a few brilliant scenes

  3. She's like "Goddamit. In the face, Thor!"

  4. Well, anakin's pissed…

  5. Darth Revan TheBandit025

    I give you my word I will return- Thor Odinson

  6. Loki become a mad destroy jotunheim

  7. "And your death came by the son of Odin"

  8. most awkward fucking movie kiss ever lOLOLOLOL

  9. Heimdall is my favourite

  10. so basically loki wants to​ be a hero, even a false one.

  11. Angel- Movie and Marvel Maniac.

    Loki is so cool killing Laufey.

  12. Just watched some Spiderman clips on a smart TV and they looked phenomenal

  13. Fiesta comment.

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