Thor.2011.720p after credits scene

2013-03-19 13:51:25

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  1. i thought loki controlled selvig during avengers, after the thor film, right?


  3. isnt cap also history and legend? i mean, he is legend of history

  4. Now that weve seen the avengers…I dont understand this scene, how could Loki be there and influencing Selvig before hes even arrived through the portal and taken control of Selvigs mind???

  5. What did Erik Selvig said at 0.56? can someone tell me please ? 🙁

  6. Aw man, I knew I should have played Deal or No Deal

  7. how loki survived ?????????????? any1 help me !

  8. Im confused w/ the timeline in the 1st phase of MCU. Ima try to figure this out. Steve Rodgers becomes a super solider & gets frozen for 70 years. The cube thingie/Tesseract is found by Howard Stark. The events in Iron Man 1 & 2 happens which leads to Tony getting on board with SHIELD & becoming a consultant. The Hulk appears from Bruce Banner trying to recreate the super solider project & all that shit happened with Abomination. The World Security Council wants Abomination released to SHIELD. Tony goes to General Ross to annoy him so he/ the government doesn't agree to release Abomination to Shield & instead they want to locate Bruce. In between or during the events of Iron Man 2 & The Incredible Hulk, Thor appears to Earth & battles the Destroyer & goes back to Asgard. The Tesseract, in custody of SHIELD, is shown to Jane's mentor so he can tap into its power but he is being controlled by Loki, Thor's evil villain brother. Lol. All of this leads to The Avengers. This is my best guess


  10. So that's what Marsellus Wallace had on the suitcase

  11. Are those burned marks on his forehead, and what it is up with his teeth. How soon did Thanos capture and torture Loki

  12. "Unlimited power…"
    Loki drops what he's doing and slides in
    "You called?"

  13. i found out about this scene on honest trailer

  14. OMG, I didn't know this existed until now! All of this would have The Avengers much more suspenseful for me…

  15. Loki can be frightening at times. He kind of looks like the green goblin.

  16. Is that grime from the window or is Loki damaged?

  17. OMG how did I not see this before now?!?!?! Holy cow, this would have wrecked my world back when I first saw this. Loki, that little stinker.

  18. OH MY GOSH. THERE WAS A SCENE AFTER CREDITS?! I fucking found out in 2015

  19. Is it me or does the tesseract look different in avengers?

  20. But how did he know about it in the first place?

  21. I just noticed how horribly sick and or injured Loki looks here. Might be either from falling through space or maybe Thanos beat him.
    My poor God of Mischief! <3

  22. I remember when I was watching the movie, and I was upset for Loki. Then he appears in the post credits and I was like "Oh hi there, puddin!"

  23. Did anyone else die laughing when Nick Furry said unlimited power… lol hahahaha




    Whoa I never aae that before now it all makes sense

  26. So Loki was fucking with Selvig even without the scepter.

  27. How was Loki able to mind control Dr. Selvig without the scepter?!!

  28. Is that what Erik selvig means when he complains about having a god in his brain?

  29. 1:32 My poor baby!!!! What did that evil Thanos do to you?!?! He better die a horrible death! My poor Loki. (Sobs)

  30. Is it just me or do Loki's teeth look weird?

  31. How the hell did Loki do that?

  32. That cube in the briefcase is the Tesseract right?

  33. Some Kruddy Krabcake

    Remember when the Other said "he who put the scepter in your hand, who gave you ancient knowledge, and new purpose?" I think Thanos was there teaching Loki about the tesseract, and Loki replies to Thanos saying "well I guess that's worth a look."

  34. I was hitting my head on my desk and screaming "HOW?!" when Loki appeared in the mirror and influenced Selvig.

  35. Loki looks ill or injured. Wonder what he went through once he fell into the blackhole.

  36. Stamper: are they releasig a sequel to Thor?

  37. I totally missed this when I saw it in the theaters. wtf. is it just me or does Loki look a mess?

  38. That guy forgot how unlimited power got him killed once…

  39. I always forget to stay for the after credits scenes at the cinema! 🙁

  40. is it just me or did loki's forehead seem bigger 

  41. Am I the only one questioning why this was at the end of TTDW? I mean, it's what happened between Thor and The Avengers, right? I'm seriously a bit confused over this…

  42. So that's what Jules and Vincent had in the Briefcase!

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