Thor 2 | Chris Hemsworth & Tom Hiddleston EXCLUSIVE Interview (2013)

Tom Hiddleston adopted by the Hemsworth family? And what has Mowgli from the jungle book to do with all of this? Who would have thought that Thor & Loki …
2013-10-29 18:56:52

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  1. The girl looks shy and nervous haha . I understand !

  2. Chris voice 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 so manly !!!!!!!!

  3. Captain America Busts In LANGUAGE, TOM!

  4. I was smiling like a dork through the entire video

  5. SO. CUTE. CAN'T. BREATH!! <3

  6. what the hell country named that movie the Dark Kingdom, i like it.

  7. This interviewer is the same woman who interviewed the cast of Suicide Squad!

  8. I ship them!!! 😂😂😂

  9. awhh great interview with Chris and tom there both amazing characters and both attractive but Tom is more attractive sorry Chris
    there love for one another is incredibly they are like brothers it's so cute 🙂 when Chris said can you or cab you not trust loki you can't trust loki to be honest He's an evil menace full of tricks And the god of mischief of course I would agree Chris does possess a lot of leadership like thor God of thunder and Same with tom A lot of intelligence and wit like loki because Tom is naturally Intelligent and I love that he's smart it makes him more attractive Team loki all the way 🙂 but I love thor as a character and Chris as an actor
    it was really sweet of Chris to say we will adopt tom into the hewsworth family awhh there both cute together with there brotherly love 🙂 such good friends I like that and I think you need that in life good friends the girl was a really good interviewer lots of good questions aimed at Chris and tom 🙂

  10. Liked at the end of the film how lowkey loki was

  11. The bromance here is too strong.

  12. Chris is right. No matter what Loki has done, everyone still finds themselves rooting for him and sympathizing with him. It doesn't excuse Loki's cruel deeds but remember, Loki is a victim as well.

  13. She asked really interesting and good questions! These two are what really work in the Thor movie's! They get along and have great chemistry! Really can't wait to see them together again in Thor Ragnarok! Thor and Loki together again!

  14. Tom voice is so sexy

  15. Tom's smile is, so precious, so beautiful.

  16. Ugh they should do audiobooks. I could listen to their voices all day.

  17. The dark kingdom? It's the dark world

  18. I am happy to see that the term "built like a brick shit house" is also used abroad xD

  19. They are both hot as hell. Mostly Tom but Chris is also hot.

  20. i love this interviewer, Vanessa, right? I've seen her interview other Marvel actors and she's always been so good!! xx

  21. 4.56
    Tom: he takes care of the team
    chris scoff/chuckles
    Chris is remembering that one time he hammered Loki's face in.

  22. The Dark Kingdom!?!?!

  23. Can't work out who I love more. Also can't work out which accent I love more. Both hotties! 😍

  24. Oh my gosh I never ship two guys together lol but I live them they are adorable

  25. very nice ! 🤗☺😉😉

  26. actually Chris is funnier and more relaxed. Tom is just acting and trying too hard.

  27. "He's built like a brick shithouse" HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA

  28. why is tom looking at chris like that i cant take it man its too fuckin cute holy shit

  29. Fun fact: Chris is a Leo, Tom is Aquarius.
    They and their characters are complete personality opposites but thanks to strong will and creativity they make great co-stars and friends.
    It was weird for me to watch "Thor" as a Leo female, as I could relate to Thor more, but I had a weird attraction to Loki 😀

  30. I'm Mogli, adopted by a pack of wolves

  31. sexiest interviewer

  32. I love how Tom is smiling broadly when Chris is describing how evil his character is… Like "yeah, my character's awesome"

  33. If I were gay I'd love tom

  34. I thought tom was going to say "there is a crack in the brick shithouse"

  35. You're a great interviewer! You don't interrupt, you ask good questions and you're really respectful + professional. Nice interview!

  36. So from 1:25 to 1:43 when Chris Hemsworth is describing Loki, you can look at tom and see that Loki is actually coming out of him. Love you Loki.

  37. suga bias j-hope wrecker

    How can u handle sitting close to them I would probably die Tom 😻😻

  38. oh hot. And their voices aienwjabdhwkabaj

  39. wtf does something seem gay here…

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