Thor 2 – “Attack On Asgard” Clip

Malekith’s forces invade the Realm Eternal in this clip from Thor: The Dark World!
2014-01-03 23:39:23

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  1. since when asgard is full of spaceships… trash movie

  2. kelly wilson whitehead

    Atleast the Special effects are ok

  3. the only real good thing about this movie was the look, designs, effects, textures, costumes and fight choreography. And they should've every thing as shiny & clean as it was in the 1st Thor movie.

  4. Idris 1 and intergalactic star ship 0… scene ever.

  5. We wuz Norse Gods n shieet

  6. As much as I love Idris Elba… It literally makes no sense for him to play heimdall

  7. Heimdall – Whitest of the Gods, played by Idris Elba.

  8. I hope we actually see Heimdall fighting in the next movie.

  9. Strange role reversal in combat styles. In their ships, the Dark Elves use the hulls of their craft as physical weapons, while the Asgardians have missiles and blaster turrets. As soon as they swap to ground combat, the Elves pull out rifles and grenades and the Asgardians revert to sword and shield.

  10. Thor/Odin should definitely ask Stark on how to improve their defense technology.

  11. I went in to watch Thor 2 and got a Star Wars testing reel for the audience. Not that I mind…. but I wanted to see magic Thor….

  12. So Asgard won like thousands of years ago against whole dark elves and now, it falls in the face of a single ship, which was 10000 years old? 😀
    not talking about technological/magical advances (Asgardians) they could reach for this years but they stagnated for sure 😀

  13. SPOILER ALERT Haimdal has the 6th infiniti stone the souls gem thats why he lights gold

  14. Should have just spammed those micro-missiles that the Asguardian fighters were using.

  15. that is some StormTrooper level of shooting from those AA guns

  16. Heimdell you just had one job.

  17. oooh.. so that's where Attack On Titan got it's name.. clever

  18. Why kurse didn't unleash loki?

  19. I still think they should've cast someone else as Heimdall and recasted Idris in another, meater, lead role in another property. Dude is so out of place and underused in these Thor movies.

    He would've been my pick if they ever decided to do a Blue Marvel or Bishop movie. Alas…

  20. Gabriel attempts to access Olympus while all his are in the rest. he is the good lt Midas mentions

  21. a planned attack on Asguard. foiled at this time by titans ref battle of give armies and destruction of the ring

  22. this is one of Marvel worst movie's ever

  23. where suppose thor saves action scenes

  24. The ships sliced throug other ships, but could not survive a knife…..

  25. The Dark Elf ships seem really easy to destroy, given that their only method of attack is to fly right through their target (which doesn't appear to damage them in the slightest).

  26. Friggin hate it when a movie wants to demonstrate the threat posed by a bad guy by making the good guys either completely inept or underpowered…

  27. Valhalla looks like a mountain of silver amd gold coins

  28. I would totally watch a spin-off with Heimdall, watch him stand still and be awesome for like 90min+

  29. I REALLY hope that those pillars at the end aren't load-bearing…

  30. Stabs spaceship with swords
    Spaceship explodes

  31. Jesus Christ they aim like storm troopers

  32. You all know Heimdall has an infinity stone right

  33. Asgard is my favorite nation in marvel comics but how come their defense capabilities are this weak, cmon I mean Odin and his elite commanders should easily repelled the invaders in relatively ease even people on earth r better than them.

  34. That ship crash, it's pretty much taken from SW:TOR promotional trailer


  36. So the first fighter is taken down by a guy with a knife but the rest is smashing into buildings and other ships and they all ok ? Amaizing!

  37. Asgard must had some serious budget cut, otherwise the defense of their capital city get destroy in no time….even we human do better than them. Also, their soldier is seriously lagging in shooting training…which also imply misused military budget. Come on Odin, you should kill your chief military officer immediately after this war.

  38. HaloAvenger88 Halo rocks

    He is a badas**

  39. I liked the first Thor movie because it was a seamless blend of fantasy and sci-fi. I gotta say I don't like this one because it feels WAY too sci-fi, and this clip is one of the best examples.

  40. Never understood why movies never portray heroes with super strength having super speed as well. When you have that kind of strength it also extends to your legs. Heimdall is so slow in this scene it hurts to watch. It's like this in almost every movie that has superhumans. Captain America can run faster than this. A typical Asgardian is much stronger than Cap.

  41. Hey look it's shere khan!

  42. Assassins Creed: Asgard Edtion.

  43. Why are turrets always so fkin useless. Why can't there be a movie where the invading ships are decimated by powerful, accurate turrets?

  44. As awesome as it all looks, this makes no sense in the story. These Dark Elves are a long defeated foe, a handful of them coming back and somehow assaulting Odins capital is like a handful of 1940s era German planes successfully attacking modern day Washington DC.

  45. Morgan goes mlg

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