Theme Song – Thor: The Dark World Soundtrack

Name: Thor: The Dark World →Composer: Brian Tyler →Album: Thor: The Dark World Soundtrack —————————- →Buy On : →Amazon: …
2014-09-08 17:40:35
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  1. Any one here from sasuke rising

  2. brian tyler live forever!

  3. Avatar de um filósofo

    this song is not from this world

  4. I love this song! Thor is my favorite avenger,oh yeah!
    I love loki

  5. dont care what anyone says but this is such an underrated superheero movie

  6. i actually really love this movie.

  7. Noah Syndergaard is ready to pitch…

  8. Great piece of music for a piece of shit movie.

  9. one of the best DC films ever

  10. "Sons of Odin" is better

  11. Absolutely amazing!!! so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. So much better than the first thor theme

  13. yay batman theme

  14. Best Theme <3

  15. marvel music sucks but thor 2-doctor strange iron man 3 have good themes

  16. I love it its like so fucking good I mean I wish to meat chris hemsworth and be his wife elsa pataky and kiss him like* smooch* I LOVE YOU CHRIS HEMSWORTH <3!!!!!!!!!

  17. …I DO WHAT I WANT!

  18. Rebecca Perry Doo San

    loki and thor would destroy thanos together 🙂

  19. When I am crowned Lord Emperor of the Milky Way Galaxy, I want this to play in unison from all planets under my rule.

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