The Origin of Gorr: The Godbutcher (Thor God of Thunder: Origins)

2017-05-31 14:23:28

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  1. Great Thor story

  2. Matthew Alejandro Rico Soria-Galvarro

    Gorr, looks like a twisted Voldemort as for his design lol

  3. ITS LORD VOLDEM-… wait? Some guy named Gorr? Well, nvm!

  4. why does gorrs mom look like Stephen curry

  5. I like the god butcher, he's like the butcher at my Raleys.

  6. Gorr is pretty freaking buff for an Ethiopian stand-in, am I right?

  7. Rob you should do Thor: Vikings next.

  8. The subtext to this story which I hope is the next thor movie is are gods and/ or religion needed when suffering is not stopped

  9. hell yeah bro I want to hear as much about Thor as possible he was always one of my favorite characters but I didn't really get that many of his Comics growing up so I don't know that many of his stories but I'd love to hear as much as you can offer

  10. How does it feel to have 1M subscribers? I mean I know you got an amazing voice but it takes "some" work to get that 1M. You deserve it 🙂

  11. Great Vid Rob, thanks for putting it out.

  12. lol those comics dont exist… ive read them buddy. ive literally read the exact scenarios you say dont exist. maybe do a bit more research before making blanket statements about decades worth of comics. comics you obviously never read. dont blame the thor brand because you only read the avengers adventures that he had. that's called confirmation bias. you're only seeing those stories because thats what you look for. besides how many people are chomping at the bit to see the 'thor helps a bum story' when you have a character with god like earth shattering powers. those smaller stories are made but usually forgotten and overshadowed in favor of the big giant epics that people usually associate with thor.

  13. I'm not much of a huge comic reader or Thor fan, but man, Gorr is fascinating.

  14. When did Voldemort came to D.C

  15. Dr.Manhatin bearly feels any thing can u do what if he hot an papal lantern ring of compation

  16. Why does Gorr have two different legs?

  17. he reminds me of the blue lanterns

  18. This is actually pretty sad and amazing. Please do more of these stories!

  19. Gorr looks almost exactly like Saint Walker and their origin stories are very similar. Gorr seems like a "What If Saint Walker Had Lost Hope" story.

  20. he ain't barman

  21. who cant relate to Gorr..

  22. hey, what's the deal with Red Hood? I think it would be cool if you explained all of Batman's proteges.

  23. Legend has it that when you're late, Rob would ignore you.

  24. loved this series.

  25. Keep doing old Marvel!
    Best thing to come out of DC rebirth….Rob going back and explaining old Marvel

  26. do loki agent of asgard

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