The History Of Thor!

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2013-11-06 22:00:01

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  1. do an alternate version of thor

  2. BETA RAY BILL!!!! Please

  3. Loki is a cheese character in every game

  4. how strong is thor plzzz

  5. What about a history of Loki episode?

  6. I really like Thor.

  7. Now we know why Thor wasn't in Civil War. Because Team Thor by itself could have kicked both the other teams' asses.

  8. I need the history of my favorite superhero-scarlet witch

  9. THOR is awesome! More THOR videos please! 🙂

  10. History of LOBO

  11. Can you please do a History of Loki?

  12. History of hercules

  13. Please do history of lady sif

  14. history of Adam warlock and nova

  15. I would like to know why Captain America is the captain of The Avengers. I get that he was the first Avenger, but wouldn't Thor be the first Avenger if he was born centuries before Captain America? Thor also formed The Avengers, but Captain America is still the Captain… WHAT?!?!?

  16. Superman wasn't worthy

  17. I hate how they keep referring to the Asgaurdians as gods… I see a God as an omnipotent being. Galactic is more of a god than any of them.

  18. what about Thunderstike Eric masterson

  19. Lee can say whatever he wants, Kirby was the real creator of the Marvel version of Thor.

  20. history of Jonah Hex

  21. I a big fan of Thor the god of thunder

  22. CORPS
    pronounced "CORE"
    not "corpse"

  23. You call Loki his half brother once and his step brother once… What is he actually?

  24. Do not mention superman as worthy of lifting the hammer

  25. can u do Is Thor the most powerful superheroes.

  26. So what about lady Thor? How does that work?

  27. History of Galactus?

  28. Thor is immoral but can only be killed by an asgaurdian or when he is on asguard

  29. (Thor drops walking stick) well that's strange it turned into a hammer

  30. are you married you have a ring on your ring finger

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