The great quotes of: Thor

Read Description please: This a little series I have decided to make. I will compile what I believe to be the greatest quotes of animated cartoon characters …
2016-03-13 22:19:41

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  1. Man, can Chris Hemsworth battlecry like EMH Thor?

  2. i love the song in the back ground

  3. 04:40 is the coolest thor ever said

  4. The intro song. Amazing.

  5. Thor sounds like yami yugi

  6. "..Are you mad mortal? Thor kneels before no one."

  7. Pere Parellada Gràcia


  8. EMH made Thor great
    Avengers Assemble made him a dumbass

  9. Thor to the Kree supreme intelligence "Thy army wast found…wanting creature."

  10. I think Thor's animated incarnations, save for Assemble, are the best ones. He's more charismatic, nobler and in the MAU, magic is NOT a form of science

  11. Thor is my Brother 🙂

  12. can we please get one of these for Gambit?

  13. Can you like actually fucking tell us what movies/shows these come from? Its become quite annoying seeing how awesome these look and not being able to find them. :l

  14. amora the enchantress you give love a bad name

  15. I can't believe you missed my favorite quote from him of all time!
    Hyperion: You're going to wish you stayed down.
    Thor: Asgardians do not make wishes. THEY MAKE WAR!

  16. Malekith: Darkness returns, Asgardian! Have you come to witness the end of your universe?"

    Thor: I've come to accept your surrender!

  17. love Thor! curious though…. is it possible you have not made a video for beast from the original xmen show? he was constantly spouting philosophical quotes! have i over loooked them?

  18. Thor to Odin: "And you are an old man and a fool!"

  19. My favorite quote from Thor is pretty simple

  20. I love your Great Quote series. I would love to see one for Hawk Girl.

  21. all hail the REAL Thor

  22. Been wondering where were you! Good to have you back!

  23. Only complaint, song should of been thunderstruck, otherwise awesome as always

  24. Hammerfall…you sir, are a fucking genius! Using a swedish rock band for the norse god wielding a hammer…fits so well i never even considered that

  25. Thor's still a foreign bitch

  26. you back i'm so happy

  27. no love for "God Of Thunder" by KISS or some some viking metal?

  28. do great quotes of: cyclops

  29. make one of falcon

  30. plz do black spider dc

  31. Ђорђе Миленковић

    Awesome choice of song
    But i think "Twilight of the Thunder God" might have been more appropriate

  32. Weeds is back!

  33. Back from the dead are we +12345678weeds ?

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