The Get Down – Part II | Dizzee and Thor painting scenes

dizzee and thor painting on ep 11 of tgd – the get down part 2 soundtrack release date: April 21st (according to Baz Luhrmann’s insta bio) – watch the get down …
2017-04-10 15:27:18

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  1. name of music? please!

  2. What song is this???!!!! can't find it anywhere!!!!!! I need to listen to it!!!!!

  3. amazingly portrait excellent music awesome show

  4. what song is this?

  5. This scene changed my life

  6. song is kalled
    Miguel- have you heard
    it was going to be on the get down album but since the buzz he is putting on his new album

  7. What is the song called? I've been trying to find it

  8. Cutest scene in the whole show

  9. what song is this?

  10. Kristín Ósk Thoroddsen

    Does anyone know where it is possible to listen to the song (Have you heard by Miguel) <33333

  11. Rodrigo Andres Díaz Riquelme

    What is the name of the song? Plis <3

  12. Does anyone know the name of the song?


  14. What is this song

  15. Does anyone know the name of the song? I couldn't it's not on the soundtrack

  16. They didn't release this song in the sountrack that came out today 🙁 anyone knows when?

  17. any one the song in this plz need to know

  18. Name of second song?

  19. What's the song with Dizzee writing to Thor and jail I've been loving for it. But I can't find on the Part II soundtrack

  20. – Captain's log April 21st 2017 The soundtrack for "The Get Down pt.2" was released today, and still no track of the mystery song. Again it alludes me, again at every turn of the day's of day's. They (Commenters) say its called "Have you heard"… yet hear of it I have not. This perplexes my peace and indicatively causes one to truly be "out your mind". Was this thy purpouse? They say find the one they call Miguel but to that I respond "Who told thee that?" The hunt goes on but one day I shall download thee of CD Quality…

  21. Does anyone know the name of the
    song playing in this scene?

  22. i want the song for this scene, they are goals tbh.

  23. They need to do a spin off series with these two, or if theres another season of the get down, GIVE THEM MORE SCENES TOGETHER!!!!

  24. Le titre de la musique en fond svp

  25. if this isn't on the soundtrack imma cry cuz I've been waiting forever to hear the whole song. imma go yell at miguel now brb

  26. Jaden Smith is trying too hard to attain the ' different weird one ' personna that it looks so forced and fake. I guess he's still trying to cross his ' RUBY CON '. LOL

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