The Children of Odin [Norse Mythology Audiobook] Thor, Loki, Asgard, Valhalla

If you like this book, please check ‘Secret of Rune from Odin Audiobook’ that I posted as well. The Children of Odin, Audiobook by …
2013-11-14 17:20:59

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  1. As-gard of Odin/ garden of Eden

  2. I find it interesting that the norse had giants, the Greek-romans had the titans, the Sumerians had the anunaki, the ancient Irish had the Danaans, and I'm sure other cultures had similar stories. I'm not saying they're exactly true but no smoke without fire. Even Hindu and Incas had stories similar.

  3. Aduna is in celtic and hindu also. If you guys like this check out the Irish tales called "Tuatha De Danaan". Very interesting and some can be proven.

  4. Loki is a good example for modern times. People like George Soros and the Rothschilds. Divide and conquer through trickery. It's the same way the Romans tricked our ancestors. Odins gonna build a wall and Lokis gonna pay for it!

  5. I think we Christians have a lot of wisdom to learn from the folk whose gods we replaced…

  6. check 'Norse legends' on here. boring, quiet audio, but new stories I've never heard

  7. love these stories. amazing how much u remember

  8. thanks for the share narrator even got excited and overcame her xanax a few times.

  9. I wonder what all the synonyms means.

  10. I'm only 46 minutes in but I'm ready to bitch slap Loki

  11. Hail Odin! Christianity have tried too delete our true norse culture but we still are here Sons of Odin..growing stronger,waiting for Ragnarök

  12. chapter 2…. Donald trump?…WTF!!!!!!!!!LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLXD

  13. judaism,kristianity,islam,ARE RELIGIONS FOR SLAVES.

  14. My favorite book. I'm not religious, but Norse mythology has always been my favorite.

  15. The Norse mythology is a symbolic expression of the life during the Pre-Roman, Pre-Christian Viking and Germanic world.

    Aesir are the powerful male forces, while Vanir are the weaker female forces.

    Odin symbolizes wisdom, knowledge and learning.

    Frigg symbolizes unknown secrets of the universe and of the future.

    Odin learns secrets of the universe and of the future from Frigg.

    Huginn and Muninn symbolize though and memory.

    Thought is the main way that knowledge is gained.

    Memory was important for the ancient pagan cultures, as druids and wise women or wise men (“shamans”) were their tribes and culture’s record of events and ceremony.

    Sleipnir symbolizes the fact that wisdom and knowledge are everywhere and travel fast.

    Freyja symbolizes beauty, virility, and growth in nature.

    Freyja’s cats and boar symbolize femininity.

    Gold is called Freyja’s tears because it is shiny and beautiful, and is scattered around the earth.

    Freyr symbolizes male handsomeness, virility, and growth in nature.

    Freyr’s golden boar symbolizes handsomeness and the beauty of nature.

    Tyr symbolizes courage, honor, law, order and defending one’s tribe.

    Valhalla is a reward after death, where the warriors would find beauty, wisdom, and peace, much like the Abrahamic concept of heaven, and acts as a way to calm and encourage warriors during a battle. In other interpretations, Valhalla is the reward of winning a victory in battle.

    Valkyries are just transporters. In other interpretations, they symbolize the time and journey that occurs between starting to solve a problem or beginning to fight a battle, and the rewards of victory.

    Thor represents power and strength, and also lightning and thunder.

    Thor is Odin’s son, because wisdom and knowledge is power and strength, or at least wisdom and knowledge can lead to power and strength.

    Thor’s goats represent the longlasting energy of power and strength.

    The giants symbolize the fact that there is only lightning and thunder during a storm.

    Sif symbolizes nature.

    Loki represents evil and dishonorable behavior.

    The ability of Loki to shapeshift represents the many guises and forms that evil can come in.

    Jormungandr and Fenrir are stories that teach morals, honor, and how to deal with evil.

    Hel symbolizes death.

    Saying that someone went to the underworld just meant they died.

    Njord represents the sea, just like Poseidon does for the Greeks.

    Vidar represents a sneaking warrior that uses guerilla tactics, and spies that gather intelligence for the tribe. This is also why Vidar is Odin’s son and Thor’s brother.

    Baldr represents the peace and forgiveness after a war between tribes. This is also why Baldr is the Brother of Thor and Vidar. His ship represents postwar rebuilding and the prosperity due to peace.

    Baldr’s death due to Loki and Hodr symbolizes the temporary disappearance of peace, forgiveness and love that happens during a war.

    Heimdall symbolizes the tribal guards and army, as they are always on the lookout for enemies. This is also why he is the first god to know when Ragnarok comes.

    Ragnarok symbolizes intertribal conflicts, or even battles against large empires like Rome, France, or England.

  16. the life of a hunter Evans

    i have listened to this every night for the last 2 months i enjoy listening to this and helps me drift off to sleep

  17. Because I accept Odin, I shall enter Asgard, the Kingdom of the Gods.

  18. Jesus Christ was a lie created by the Jews to enslave all non-Jews. That is why the Jews said Jesus turned his cheek and allowed himself be crucified. That is what the Jews desired. Christians support the Jews as the chosen. Garbage.
    The Nordic People know the truth about God and the creation of Earth and all that dwell upon its world.
    Odin is the True Lord of Mankind.
    The Gods of the Middle East are lies made by an inferior people..a filth and contamination of Man.
    Again, give Praise to ODIN, the true Creator of Man.

  19. I have been reborn to the worship of Odin, God of my Germanic tribes.
    Praise be to ODIN.

  20. I 🖕🏻you all and I mean literally all of you 🖕🏻ers get a FLD

  21. Heres what I think of this story, 💩👺👹👿☠️😾😡😵😤😾😹🤐🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🐔🕷🐌🐥🐊🦂🐉🎃🌵🐇🦃⚡️🌪🌩☔️☃️☃️🌩🌥☔️☔️🍆🍌🏹🏸🎤🎳🌋🌋🌋🌋🇧🇩🏜🗻🔌⚔️🗡🔪🗿💣💣

  22. It's funny that you guys don't read Norse Myths instead of sitting your fat butts down and just get dumb reading makes you way smarter than just lying down and getting fat like seriously????

  23. According to John 13;11 Norse Myths are on the fifth universe in space which we have no evidence but in 30-100 years we will explore the other universes

  24. Lots of veiled wisdom in this great myths! Wonderful for those who hath an ear 😉

  25. In this it tells the story of the giant building a wall and loki "playing" with the horse to stop him from finishing it, I have heard a different version of this story. Is this a more child orientated version of the stories? if so where can i listen or read the unedited versions?

  26. Ragnarok (especially the Einherjar) does justice to the concepts of honor and courage. Of all possible "end of the world" scenarios Ragnarok is the best.

  27. I'm listening to this to go to sleep I love this so much ♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  28. all the makings of some kick ass comics

  29. all fake storys i am real

  30. . ..hollywood put out a prostituted version of a people and no one wants to claim they are native american indians anymore.. .

  31. I love this recording, however I really struggle with finding where I was after I fell asleep :/

  32. This librivox voice is so grating I never succeed in listening to it for more than 10 seconds. Awful.

  33. im a half white half mexican, but i feel so in touch with these gods. theyre so… human. like, they feel things. they are powerful and mighty yet jealous and imperfect. only true might or clever cunning could ever please them.

  34. beautiful that's truly the only way to learn these myths thank you

  35. more real than marvel

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