The Bi Frost Bridge From Thor

The Bi Frost Bridge From Thor 2011 Copyright Marvel.
2013-09-02 19:11:56

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  1. Notice how he doesn't have the Soul Stone on his chest yet. Guess they didn't make that choice until Dark World.

  2. One of the coolest scenes from this movie

  3. what did heimdall say at 0:10?

  4. Man i forgot how good the cgi was in this movie. Amazing art direction.

  5. heymdal daşak

  6. Well, if Loki's "friends" mock him like this, no wonder why he hates them and Thor…

  7. You wish to know how that happened.

  8. seriously angers me how they fucking treat loki

  9. heimdall has the gem in him this whole time.

  10. The racists can eat a dick.    Idris Elba killed it as Heimdall.

  11. If this film was made recently, it would be know as the transgender frost.

  12. Guess whats Heimdals nickname in Norse mythology,The White God.I see what you did there Holywood,nice irony.

  13. 1:50 yep, Asgard technology can destroy an entire planet just like the Death Star, while Thanos has to use his entire army to do the same. And still, Asgard gets attacked and almost defeated by some flying elf space ship, wtf marvel ???

  14. I will help everyone out. This movie and all other movies are based on vrilology and balder rising. The bifrost represents the third ventricle space in the brain, heimdall represents dark energy that activates the mind's eye and thor represents the force of white light that is projected from the crown chakra. The Vision is the culmination of Balder force or red and green kundalini or hydra that forms the mani padme or jeweled lotus called the mind stone in the Avengers movie. Skin color is irrelevant and it only hints at quantum physics and how energy works in the human body when trying to evolve.

  15. always loved when heimdall goes "none do"

  16. always loved when heimdall goes "none do"

  17. Iko Iko – Dem Wanderstock nach ! ! ! Gesehen , was ich rauf beschwören will ! ! !

  18. "Great Heimdall–"
    "Cut the crap guys, I know you want to go beat up giants."
    "You must be mis-"
    "Loki, shut up; the whole lying thing? Doesn't work with me."
    "YO HEIMDALL, you gonna let us by or what????"
    "Sure, bruh. Find the suckers who got past me (cough cough Loki cough cough I know it was you cough)"

  19. loki always was a little bitch!

  20. The Gatekeeper is badass. lol

  21. they must have landed on their heads!

  22. I love that seen at 1:58. just imagine a whole fleet of war ships using that technology.

  23. so there teleport doubles as death start plant destroy gun. know wonder they won old war agents giants

  24. IDRIS ELBA FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. The Asgardian  Heimdall, described in Norse mythology as "the whitest of the gods". Amusingly this had almost no reaction back here in Norway, but in America so many people have a problem with this.  Why is this such a big deal, when you already have twistet our Mythologi anyway? ^^ There are so many bigger changes in the myth than this little thing. 😛

  26. I was expecting racism….hehe….

  27. He reminds me Aldebaran – Taurus, a lot

  28. I have no plans to die today. None do. Such a good line

  29. Love this design of Bilröst, damn its soooo beautiful, the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen anywhere..

  30. heimdall was my favorite character in this movie. It's too bad Idris didn't think too highly of the role.

  31. Anyone notice when he says 'Never has an enemy slipped my watch … until today'. For a moment then his gaze glances to look at Loki for a split second :p

  32. I'd totes let Heimdall activate my Bifrost with his giant sword. 

  33. The Bifrost Bridge looks more like a planet-destroying weapon rather than an actual portal.  Dang…

  34. Why does Heimdall let the crew go when Thor asks Heimdall to pass? Did Heimdall see that Loki was being dishonest or something?

  35. ''Do you think you can deceive me, Frost Giant Rider!''

  36. I love those color contact lenses on Heimdall. Nice touch.

  37. And I thought the Star gates were cool. I mean, they are nice, but they have nothing on the  Bi Frost.

  38. Hey i really believe that this may be the way way angels God and humans will travel the universe. Thru wormholes such as these.but much better Seen in this clip but . But God doesnt need a contraption like the bifrost to make wormholes

  39. Not trying to sound racist or anything, but in ancient Norse mythology, Heimdall was described as "the whitest of the gods". Not sure if Marvel just didn't know that, or wanted to make some kind of ironic joke.

  40. Definitely the coolest way to travel between the stars.

  41. I love that howling sound it makes when it hits the ground and the sound it makes when sucking people up #,#

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