The Avengers Fight Scene: Thor vs Iron Man vs Captain America HD

A cool fght scene from the movie The Avengers Plz sub for more Vids Make sure you watch it in 1080p for better quality You can also check out more the …
2012-12-20 00:08:35
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  1. Ofcourse they nerfed the whole cast you fucking idiots! What are they supposed to do, make them all like the comics, and do you know what we'll have? A fucking movie that will probably cost $1billion to make, all the desctruction, the MASSIVE scaled of events, it's way too expensive to make, it's ridiculous…

  2. I thought vibranium absorbs energy, not reflect it

  3. Thor was playing with his food. lol testing the grounds to see how much he could take

  4. LeL, power at 400% capacity.

  5. this was mind blowing in the theater !!!!

  6. Captain America, the male cheerleader!

  7. yall people got to understand something even in the comic book captain america beat iron man the reason why hulk buster beat the hulk because every time the hulk rip the hulk buster armor apart that thing kept shooting armor back in its place the hulk and hulkbuster fought 3 time and hulk won it all and the suit in civil war was a weak one plus iron man had to analyse that fight to even really put the moves on cap Thor vs iron man really wouldn't be a fight Thor would win so and he lost that fight with ultron and another thing for all the people who think hulk buster will beat hulk look up how many times have hulk and hulk buster fight he constanly beat the hulk buster crushing those suits like it a tin can under pressure in the ocean

  8. This Iron (Stark wearing the Mark VI or VII) would'v man handled Cap in Civil War.
    Every Iron Man suit after the 3rd Iron Man movie became crap and of poor quality.

  9. This is clearly a nerfed Thor, if you watch Thor fighting against the frost giants, you'd be confused as why he became that fucking weak

  10. poor forest 🙂

  11. so a character(Thor) who is meant to be somewhat as strong as superman almost gets his arse kicked by ironman?! IRONMAN!!!!! one punch from Thor should kill him, not that Thor would want to kill him but he should be able to dominate this fight with ease.

  12. That was OP!!!!


  14. drop the beat… BOOOOM

  15. Cap's suit sucks in this movie.

  16. i like iron man

  17. Read Marvel as a kid, Iron Man couldn't have lasted against Thor

  18. a lot of people say i look like Thor

  19. it would have been funny if they both started whaling on cap XD

  20. I know it's meant to be taking place at night in a wood, but why do they make these films so fucking dark? Most of the time, I'm looking at a black screen. Excellent scene ruined by the fact that you can't see what's going on properly.

  21. 0:22.. mother doth know yer going to get yer ass kicked a lot Tony.. ??? YEP…

  22. Where's Hulk?? out of town… But would he be on our side anyway? No!! neither would Thor.. Tony deserved his beating after hitting his mate Steve.. Showed compassion at the end Steve. Class! Look after your friends..

  23. You guys think they nerfed Iron man in Civil War?! well they didn't, Iron man nerfed himself he wasn't trying to kill his best friend.

  24. I don't like Captain America suit in this film

  25. I still cant believe how a shield made by men blocked a slashed from a hammer made by a god wtf that shield should be broken in half and captain should be 100 feet under the ground smh

  26. Captain Americas Suit is by far the most Stupidest uniform ive seen for comic based characters…

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  28. I freaking like it. Thor's hammer hits captain America's shield and it goes "BONG!" Like a big bell and it blows everything away.

  29. Lmao Power at 400% How about that watched it over 50 times love it lol

  30. When Cap showed up, not did i notice the CGI shield bouncing off Thor's head was [on point] 👌

    But Tony just standing there while Cap and Odinson were talking just felt so weirdly funny, how he was just look at them both back and forth..
    Never used to Tony NOT talking. xD

  31. Did anyone hear the Star Wars blaster at 2:51 ?

  32. Captain America: "Are we done here?"

    (Few seconds later, Loki appears)

    Loki: "Hello!"

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