Team Thor: Pt. 2, Where Are They Now?

Rogers & Barnes. Stark & Rhodes. Thor & Darryl. See all of Team Thor: Part 2 when you bring home Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange on Digital HD TODAY: …
2017-02-14 14:00:04

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  1. What's the name of those board shorts he's wearing?

  2. Servant? Why? Where is Roskva and Thialfi? Norse myth reference

  3. Thor is totally lying about those coins worth isn't he? I don't think they are even coins to begin with. XD

  4. Marvel, please make a Netflix mockumentary show of these two!!!!!!

  5. I love this. Loki needs about 3 of these. Imagine the sass & condescension 😂

  6. this is funny

  7. Click to in this article, Movie Thor Ragnarok (2017) Full HIGH-DEFINITION Quality:

  8. i hope Darryl is in the movie, like he's Jane's new boyfriend or something

  9. Don't besmirch Asgardian pumpkins!

  10. When you remember Thor grew up a spoiled rich kid.

  11. i freaking loooove thor

  12. What if in Thor Ragnarok Darryl actually becomes a Gazillionar because of those coins.

  13. Why is this not a show yet?!

  14. Francisco Solano Lopez

    "no one will exchange this"

    have you try sell it to someone who buys gold?

  15. foolish humans…..darryl is a thanos spy…..just you watch.

  16. Yup. It's settled. Thor is officially a douchebag. They should show some of that douchebaggery in the next avengers film.

  17. Exchange gold for cash.

  18. this reminds me of what we do in the shadows

  19. They should make a comedy about Thor & Daryl, I watch that

  20. I honestly PRAY that they reference this in the Thor: Ragnarok! It would be PRICELESS to know that this is canon

  21. It's simple Darryl, go to a museum and sell them the genuine Asgardian relics. Enjoy your gazillions.

  22. I want this as a show set in an alternate universe

  23. you need to pay your rent. "lets get a servant!" "Actually, you can be my servant! Then it is settled!!!!"

  24. In thor 3 they shoul;d visit earth and spend five minutes just chilling in the flat and daryl comes home and they take him to asgard to be crowned king!

    OK to far?

  25. in these trailers when are they are gonna show Thor waking up from enchantresses hallucinagin spell?

  26. Goodness, I need them to get a show together!!!😂😂😂

  27. Robert Knepper have to play mefisto in avengers infinity war

  28. 1,429 people didn't get a servant.

  29. Jean-Francois Charbonneau

    "That's a muscle. That's a muscle. And they are all muscles" (female audience swooning in agreement) "So I am covered in brains" (female audience slightly grossed out by the image)

  30. Darryl is gonna be the one to stop ragnarok

  31. "one does not simply argue with Thor over rent"!

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