With Thor: Ragnarok on it’s way, here is Greg & Tony’s REACTION to TEAM THOR: PART 2, WHERE ARE THEY NOW?!!! Original Video: …
2017-02-15 00:17:09
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  1. I'm really excited for Thor: Ragnarok and a comedy show with Daryl lol

  2. God, Thor is such a DICK!!!
    I luv it!!

  3. I'm here for it. Can't wait for the movie.

  4. The Devil is A Troller

    i got it daryl is getting a walking cane and summon thor with it like donald blake. lol

  5. oh Chris. you have a lots of brain :p

  6. Greg always leaves us with those types of endings lol

  7. I was waiting for this reaction!

  8. I want Derrell to make cameo.

  9. Marvel needs their own Powerless?

  10. Ah man, cant wait for Thor Ragnarock, its going to be amazing! , cant wait to see what happens with thor's hammer…
    Awesome as always GREG!!!!!

  11. That's signature Taika Waititi

  12. what are some good marvel shows

  13. Ideal scene
    Have Thor and hulk in the arena. Hulk has a huge axe and a hammer, going fucking world break mode. Thor squeals, "Daryll? Help me mate."

  14. Thor and Aquaman look alike lol

  15. What is Daryl is Loki? :O

  16. DC does have the new comedy tv show Powerless….maybe Marvel will get their own comedy series.

  17. Sad that this will be your last reaction with Tony. We all are gonna miss Tony! Great video, and to the both of you guys stay awesome!!!

  18. this is actually so sad

  19. Good luck with your move 🙂

  20. I'm pretty convinced they're high

  21. Now that's more like it

  22. Chris Hemsworth is really funny.

  23. No!!!!! no more cheesy stupid comedy!!!!!!!

  24. Tyrone Magnus has that same Spider- Man t-shirt.

  25. awesome video

  26. Eggs Benedict Cucumberbatch

    yay I have been waiting for Thor footage.

  27. where are you moving to?

  28. We need a 'Team Thor' Netflix series.

  29. Hi Greg!Great video

  30. it's really weird, i'm excited for THOR : Ragnarok 🙂

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