Taniela Tupou | The Tongan Thor

IG: FB: Witness the power of Thor… young Taniela Tupou unleashing his …
2015-06-28 03:26:28

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  1. This guy is not that good

  2. Who else is Tongan I am

  3. when you don't know how to tackle

  4. Bahahaha

  5. he must be guttered playing in Aussie teams getting spanked by his homeland Nz every week


  7. Have him oz We have more talent. You can be replaced in NZ We breed champs not losers

  8. Toki sio pe bongbongs taniel tupou aight mate

  9. hey what happen to this guy..wheres he playing at? seems like the hype is gone or maybe the rugby ball can't fit in his head

  10. Jonah lomus son

  11. where can i find this beat.????

  12. He's a typical Islander… Grows fast quick and uses that size through school grades but by the time they play senior footy everyone else has caught up and because they have not had that bulldozer body have played smarter… Not up too much at the Reds, that's for sure, but still young… would've been better to stay in NZ and do a champion apprenticeship.

  13. That 9 trying to tackle him at 0:30.  :')

  14. we Tongan just want to smash people and show people what we can do and what we are made of

  15. How are u meant to tackle that thing

  16. Does he ever get called for raising his knee in contact?

  17. when aussie can't breed their own players so they pouch ours

  18. If he's Thor then Lomu must have been Odin……

  19. What is the song to this?

  20. Aussie can have Taniela – We got Alex Fidow!

  21. I named you tongan thor. I uploaded the video that got you recognized. not even lying

  22. if this is what he does to kiwi boys i feel sorry for those aussies lol

  23. Taniela has a future career ahead!

  24. He can get up to speed fast. I hope they try him in the backs at QLD. Either left wing or outside centre.

    Jonah Lomu came from league and you could say was suited to league but he became the biggest rugby star there has ever been.

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