SUPERMAN vs THOR – Super Power Beat Down (Episode 7)

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2013-05-07 07:29:49
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  2. Superman was grounded, that's why the lightning has no effect

  3. Superman can beat Thanos Superman can beat darksied Superman can beat.. So sick tired of these fanboy kids. Who just see through all Superman's stenght and none of his weaknesses lol.

  4. This is just a fanmade video. On the comic's it is a different story lol.

  5. Thor: God
    Superman: Mortal

  6. I already watched Thor vs super man so super man won

  7. superman always


  9. This was cheesetastic. Especially how Thor's personality was portrayed. 😑

  10. Superman my top favorite super hero

  11. Thor is magic -_-

  12. pizzalover101 skits 'n' stuff

    0:54 how was thors mouth wite wen it wuz red a minit ago

  13. more superman battle plz.

  14. black panther vs batman would be awesome

  15. Thor should've won!

  16. Stop being so foolish Thor would win

  17. Thor even said himself it's not magic just advanced science. So superman would win anyway.

  18. according to me. in the middle of the battle ………supes vanishes,takes a sundip Thor gets punched in the face (k.o.)without knowing what happened(supes must be bloodlusted)

  19. superman sees Thor from behind thinks he is a girl and rapes her

  20. Nooooo thor should haved fuck him up!

  21. I think you forgot thor can fly to.

  22. try shaktimaan vs Superman

  23. talk to damn much

  24. Cecilia Antelo Justiniano

    Noooooo thor should win

  25. Luke Merod (scout564564)

    thor would have won

  26. This is garbage thor should have won

  27. Went so close to sun but nothing happened to clothes .??Wtf

  28. Why is it that every superman vs fight he gets thrown into the sun. It's not likely to happen as much as people would like to believe -.-

  29. Super man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Marisha Ray is smokin

  31. is this real

  32. Super man is impervious to everything other than kryponyte and magic. Mjlnior, Thor's hammer, is a magic weapon. Thor would win.

  33. L'albondiguita Santovenia

    Yes Superman

  34. L'albondiguita Santovenia


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