The battle between Superman and Thor takes place in Grand Theft Auto IV Script by JulioNIB: All mods are available at …
2016-06-07 07:56:10

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  1. If Thor is a friend of Heimdal can't he just ask heimdal where he can find kryptonite

  2. super hayranınım ben tohr cok sevrim sende onan gore birseyapmi sin

  3. Thor should win.

  4. this is random but what is this soundtrack????

  5. Трофим Животченко

    супермэн победил

  6. thor would of fought with his hammer

  7. Superman is too powerful for Thor if you go back to avengers age of ultron a freaking robot ( Ultron ) was beating up Thor so why makes people think freaking Thor beat superman….

  8. Superman blitzes thor at flash level speed then beats the hell out of thor the end and superman already beat thor in a crossover soo.

  9. Es en gta 4

  10. Aidan Ryan Garlick-Evans

    hoo won

  11. Use their abilities don't just punch or it's not worth seeing

  12. Can I get a direct link for that superman?

  13. ттсвлр

  14. Plus Superman is the most powerful person in the DC universe

  15. thank you you're 12 years old and I know more about this I'm 10 years old

  16. No way. The man of steel is way to op for Thor

  17. one more thing, can you do scarlet witch vs spider man please.

  18. maybe thor will use his power of his hammer every time when the enemy is down.

  19. Mauricio Antonio Torrado Guzman

    Fuck this Thor is the God of thunder he can use his hammer and you put cliptonite for Superman and its over dislike😤😤😤😤😤😠😠😠😠

  20. Darth Vader vs GOKU

  21. Thor would kill superman

  22. pls do deadpool vs boba fett

  23. Matthew_ Skywalker101

    12 year olds saying thor would beat superman…

  24. dude do one with the new Tom Holland Spider-Man vs. Bakke

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