Superman VS Thor: Clash of the Gods – New Epic Fan Trailer (Marvel VS DC)

Marvel’s Thor VS DC’s Superman – Who is the ultimate god? Subscribe to our channel : Check Out These Other Amazing Videos: The …
2016-09-09 20:00:00
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  1. Nice job! Gotta go with Thor on this one!

  2. thor win

  3. Nøel “Die-Hard” Oommen

    Glorious. By the way, I think Thor is better. He already beat Superman in the comics, anyway.

  4. quais umas melhor inventou

  5. Wow, this is a really cool trailer! I could even see them both fighting in a movie. Nice job.

  6. es recontra falso marver en vacan dc da asco

  7. am i the only one who cried at the end of Man of steel😭😅

  8. Thor of course

  9. this is so awkward, why steal some parts of Ragnarok and Superman's movie and sit down,just to freaking make a fiction out of the two,
    go and get yourself busy,

  10. Thor is the best

  11. Superman prime
    thor odinforce

  12. superman lifted thors 🔨 hammer

  13. I think they would be friends, lex and Loki need to chill.

  14. super man is vonurable to magic so thor would win

  15. Thor and Soperman

  16. Thor and Soperman

  17. superman would win this battle.

  18. resmen filmleri birleştirmiş ama ginede iyi iş çıkarmış çok güzel karşılaştırmış sahneleri

    Pretty comparative scenes that officially combined the films but made good work

  19. Victor Magno Tavares De Almeida

    dois deuses batalhando 😱

  20. where is the fuck this is eleghntes😂😂😂😂

  21. HAVE ANY OF YALL EVER HEARD OF THE "ODIN FORCE, GOD BLAST" THERE IS MUCH MORE OF THOR'S POWERS THAN YOU THINK, heck Odin force Thor is literally immortal, and with it he can slay even the strongest beings! With god blast, a move that literally almost killed Galactus, he had to flee for his life!

  22. awwwwwwwwww

  23. When is this due to come out I wonder

  24. Thor would beat Superman. Superman is vulnerable to magic. Thor is a god; Mjolnir is a magical weapon

  25. Superman wins

  26. Thor will win y Thor is magic. Super man donot do well with magic +Thor hamer

  27. DCEU Superman vs MCU Thor? = Superman
    Comic Superman vs Comic Thor? = Depends what versions of them you use, so hard to compare.

  28. isso nao e thor vs superman e uma montagen de episodeos de tor e superman isso foi aguns episodeos de batman vs superman o homen de aço e tor o mundo sombril vai caga vagabundos

  29. Thor is a son of A KING, GOD of War ODIN in a KINGDOM of ASGARD, He officially inherited Advance Power and a lot of experiences in many battles. through all those war and experiences have made him a GOD of Lightning Thunder, Thor can fly, yes.. not just floating and fly.. when talk about God of Lightning Thunder then i am sure he owned the Speed of light too that superman doesn't has and so the Power of terrifying thunder that could damage ear membranes of a sensitive man's ear.
    theFlash is not actually son of lightning, so he could has a very little part of power of this lighting power. 🙂

    Superman is a son of JOR EL ( a scientist and he just a member of the Council in KRYPTON). Kal El (Superman) has No experiences and skill in any battle at all in his own planet. came down to earth and grow, went to school as a nerd, then his true power weakened by a dogma from his step parents on earth, then he found many weaknesses upon himself. Superman can fly faster than a speeding bullet, and Thor has speed of light.

    so i think the winner is would be … a smart writer!
    and to me it is just like The Real GOD Vs False GOD. 🙂

    but i like both come up with respect.

  30. Thor would win he has the power of kryptonit in his hammer

  31. Thor!!!  Even Dan Jurgen who wrote for both of them said Thor is beyond Superman in power potential.

  32. Thor!!!  Even Dan Jurgen who wrote for both of them said Thor is beyond Superman in power potential.

  33. Superman's definitely beat that ass

  34. that's such a faggot ass trailer. you guys said epic. jhaahahahahahhah

  35. thor thor thor thor

  36. Q engraçado 😂😂😂😂😂😂👏

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