See what Thor & Hulk were up to during Captain America: Civil War! – Bonus Video [Blu-Ray/DVD 2016]

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2016-08-29 16:00:03

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  1. Loki helmet behind mjolnir

  2. kimmel oscar

  3. omg too cute

  4. Funny that he says "who's the man in the purple chair?", when it's actually the guy who's purple and not his chair

  5. Question: if the draw can hold his hammer does that make the draw worthy?

  6. They need someone with bigger muscles to play Thor. His arms and body looks puny compared to the comic book Thor.
    Lou Ferrigno was the best when he played the hulk cause he was mega jacked! Most actors today need CGI or body suits to play comic book characters. I would say the actor playing thor in this movie needs some CGI muscle touch ups cause he looks pretty small compared to comic book Thor. It takes me out of the movie when I see a less version of the comic book version when it comes to the image of the character.

  7. The hammer taking a nap was the best part

  8. We need more of this.

  9. Think about the fact that the hammer is placed on that wooden bed, does that mean you can lift the hammer by lifting that wooden bed? It has to be, or the wooden bed will be crushed due to the weight.

  10. How the hell did Banner answer that phone call, when he obvoiusly pressed the red button (decline call)…

  11. team thor hha

  12. deadpool is my favorite

  13. how did thor learn to read and write

  14. I want a Thor and Daryl TV special now!

  15. 1:35 "Little Mjolnir, over here, taking a nap"

  16. Watching Thor among the regular mortals looks like an eagle hanging out with the chickens lmao

  17. the Daryl guy is a terrible actor

  18. Why do so many English speaker and an extra R to words that end with A?? Captain Americar….. That sounds horrific

  19. awesome guy..

  20. what's over-large ? (english is not my first language)

  21. 😂😂 brilliant

  22. I've watched a hundred times and it pisses me off everytime when Bruce swipes left to answer instead of right.

  23. "I'm not up to much"

  24. I Love Team Thor

  25. I want a series of thouse two right now!

  26. I'd love if marvel made this canon

  27. I'm in team iron man, who else

  28. Vacuuming the floor boards though lol

  29. The "Send a raven" part had me in tears😂😂😂

  30. Team Thor

  31. Banner uses Android 🙂

  32. i would sign a petition to make this canon

  33. MCU-heads be like "BUT IS IT CANON???

  34. "you were having relationship problems" haha

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