Red Hulk vs Thor Hulk (World War Hulks Vol 1: Who Is Red Hulk?)

Chronological Hulk: World War Hulk is a comic book …
2016-12-28 03:29:15

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  1. It's a late upload sir but it checks out. Also, don't forget to check the description for the chronological order of these hulk stories.

  2. getting hotter when u getting angrier isn't that handy is it

  3. do these Hulks not have healing factors or something?

  4. Thor shouldn't be affected by radiation, so 'Thor Hulk' is bullshit.  Stupid ass Jeph Loeb.  Even if it was possible, Thor with gamma-added strength would be the strongest Hulk there is and kill Red Hulk, easily.

  5. The Maestro vs doomsday

  6. ideas for marvel:
    1. hulks
    i want hulk to make a big difference as a true hero. so i figured since hulk is not very good with certain levels of crime and he has personas with talents, why not put them to real good use. joe fixit can handle street level crime, professor hulk can handle city level, global level, dimensional level, and temporal/time level crime, and savage hulk, world war hulk, and kluh can handle universal, cosmic, mystic, and supernatural level evil. she-hulk should handle all levels of evil on a regular basis, too. speaking of she-hulk has so much potential with her powers; she is stronger than she is made out to be and can be just as powerful as her cousin. so lets have her reach her full power and help her control it all. as her sensational self, the more she trains her body as jen walters the more powerful she-hulk herself becomes. so what would happen if jen trained her body to maximum peak physical condition and maybe from that to strongwoman/ms. olympia level? as for her inner savagery, i want it all to come back; green savage she-hulk as she was originally and then going full power as she was in the sensational comics and avengers disassembled, gray savage she-hulk (from sensational she-hulk), fear-driven savage she-hulk from avengers: the search for she-hulk, and most recently post-civil war 2 savage she-hulk/hulk with her own worldbreaker. lyra and skaar should have their own worldbreaker modes, carmilla black should join the family as a hulk herself and she should get her symbiote back. finally, red she-hulk, a-bomb, lyra and skaar should return and they and the warbound, hulk cho, and red hulk should rejoin hulk and become either the agents of SMASH or the incredible hulks. and sentry should join since he is in safer hands with the hulks.
    2. spider-man should combine all of his previous suits into one including a symbiote. next, get all his power ups back permanently; man-spider, spider-hulk, and the other/spider totem god with full control over all so he'll be more prepared for danger on certain levels. then, he should gather all his spider friends together and form the web warriors; agent venom and mayhem, wraith, black cat after he's knocked some sense into her, silk, prodigy, ricochet, hornet, dusk, toxin after he comes back to life, anti-venom after brock is freed of the toxin symbiote, scorn, payback (another symbiote heroine), cloak and dagger, rocket racer, arana, and the original scarlet spider. and mary jane should be the new she-venom and built to the max with no mouth and red hair flowing down to her waist. black cat should get a super soldier body like captain america, all the strengths and abilities of every cat species, and a high-tech suit. spidey should get a secret base of his own with gadgets he himself made.
    3. x-men
    wolverine should have his feral form and hulk form back with worldbreaker and a suit that can change shape when he changes, because i always liked that costume he had when he was feral wolverine. marvel girl should get her hulk form back with total control, worldbreaker, and white crown phoenix. cyclops, iceman, storm, and sub-mariner should get there hulk forms back with worldbreaker permanantly. shadowcat should get back and keep her black vortex form and psylocke regain, get total control of, and keep the crimson dawn. xavier should keep the power of onslaught without shadow king and rename himself defense, master x or savior or something.

    comicsexplained, explain to me the entire story of spawn, savage dragon, and witchblade; give the entire mythos of each.
    comicsexplained, who do you think could destroy the entire cthulhu mythos.

  7. hell yeah I hate long division

  8. he saw himself in her ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. Victor did the right thing.

  10. Guessing Life Model Decoys allowed this to be General Ross?

  11. Wolverine hulk scares me…

  12. I figured Red Shehulk was Betty but Thunderbolt Ross dying kinda put me off of him being Red Hulk.

  13. I just wanna know how his moustache disappeared when he transformed. because he gives off heat? if so, what about the hair on his head?

  14. Dropped a like cause long division ruined my childhood.

  15. Origin of Hulkmania? …jk

  16. What's the name of the song you use in the background because it sounds epic!

  17. I knew who Red was from Agents of S.M.A.S.H. haha!

  18. Anybody know the name of the song being used in the background?

  19. Ottomuss The Ottomater

    what about red hulk agent venom. when red hulk gets venom

  20. How is Thor a Hulk? Wasnt there an issue where there was a gamma bomb and it infected a bunch of people, but it didnt infect Thor because he was a God? Inconsistancy much?

  21. Rob! How do we just just skip over that FASTBALL special with Spiderman-Hulk and Wolverine Hulk in this video? LOL 5:18

  22. hate long division…….

  23. It really pisses me off how everybody else can so easily become a hulk

  24. Can somebody please tell what´s the name of the song that starts at around 10:58?

  25. I think he kept calling the smart guy hostages the intelegincia even though those r the badguys, in this vid

  26. Filbert The White Wizzard

    dude why you talking so fast nowadays?

  27. Hell yeah, fuck long division!

  28. I thought red she hulk had a healing factor

  29. more hulk please

  30. amazing job as always!!

  31. So… why doesn't Red Hulk have a mustache like General Ross? And don't tell me that when you become a Hulk you lose your facial hair. Just look at Maestro, Thor-Hulk, and Logan-Hulk, all of which have their facial hair intact and in some cases, bolstered by becoming a Hulk.

  32. your the best at hulk story's

  33. Thanks again rob! The trade I bought ended right before this

  34. Nothing make any sense, exactly, Red Hulk is Ross BUT i think in an older comic Red Hulk and General Ross appears at the same time one beside the other. Are in Marvel on drugs or what?

  35. remember deadpool was use the inteligentce to destroy all the character

  36. What's that background music from?

  37. the Ross that died was a life model decoy

  38. Keep em coming rob.

  39. I love Stone Cold too lmao

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