Real Thor’s Hammer at Comikaze (Stan Lee Signing!!!) | Sufficiently Advanced

Which Marvel character is worthy?! We took the Real Mjolnir to Comikaze to find out, and got an autograph from Stan Lee! Special thanks to B Cavello and …
2015-11-24 20:38:48

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  1. Who the hell is Stan Lee? Asian guy?

  2. The Deadpool Are Worthy

  3. Your brother is a nutcase

  4. the only thing Stan Lee created in marvel is the fantastic four

  5. How long did you wait in the line

  6. Deadpool 616 lady D kid pool are the only worthy ones

  7. What Type Of F*ck Sh*t?


  8. 00:17 now that's an interesting way of doing hulk

  9. woah… deadpool is worthy!!!!

  10. ••Gabriel•• Cr

    You look like that guy from the LOST serie .

  11. ••Gabriel•• Cr

    You look like that guy from the LOST serie .

  12. 0:16 had my going 😂😂😂 that guy was huge


  14. 0:17 is that the incredible bulk?

  15. Blakestergaming 10987

    I like how deadpools are worthy

  16. Rich Piano's %5 investment fund

    Dude workout, goddamn you are weak…

  17. all Deadpool can pick it up lel

  18. 0:50 I can see her pussy xD

  19. 3:45 damn I wanna take those iron man armor

  20. Dude that Cameltoe at 0:54

  21. Merica? What's that?

  22. leave it to Thor to lift the whole fucking floor to get the hammer lol

  23. jajaja no le hizo caso satn lee

  24. Camikaze is a Japanese suicide technique

  25. Deadpool family

  26. I know this is late, (almost 2 years late) but you should coat the signature with clear acrylic so it doesnt rub off. Preservation of a totally Epic Artifact.

  27. 2:17 when spiderman only looks at you

  28. Only deadpool is stronger enough to pick the hammer .

  29. Oh, stan lee, he looks like he's only 17 😉

  30. no fair deadpool can break 4th wall lol

  31. That fat hulk tho.

  32. Tu as réussi ta vie

  33. Song at the beginning of the video? I %100 heard it in a game, but I can't remember what game.

  34. Anybody notice she hulks camel toe

  35. 3:07 there's comicstorian

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