Real Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer) – Electromagnet, Fingerprint Scanner | Sufficiently Advanced

A replica of Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer) from The Avengers that’s almost unliftable unless you’ve got my fingerprints! Thor from The Avengers might have met his …
2015-10-12 03:11:04

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  1. that is actually amazing, respect young man.

  2. Great now make where the hammer shoot lightning out of the metal part

  3. dang, i want that

  4. You should send one of these to Chris Hemsworth

  5. Mate you missed a perfect opportunity. Make it remote controlled, turn it on for all the buff guys and off for all the smaller people/women.

  6. It is fucking awesome and all, but it seems a bit small to me.
    The movie prop one looks bigger.


  8. You should've had a remote so you could allow other people to lift it and hidden the thumbprint scanner then it would've been perfect

  9. i dont underatand how they cant pick it up its not like there weights inside… could some explain?

  10. mjölner not mjölnir

  11. The guy in the hooded black sweatshirt is annoying.

  12. um. 17million views holy shit

  13. Hammer Spammer

  14. "mjölner", not "mjölnir"

  15. Common guys, it's placed on metal (iron). Magnet(electromagnetism) should be the first thing that comes to your mind .

  16. Every kid wants this for his/hers birthday.

  17. it bothered me that none of them squatted down and trying to lift it using the strength of their legs too

  18. Would you be willing to sell on EBay

  19. You shoulda had a controller and let some people pick it up

  20. Now i want to try this with the master sword lol.

  21. How much would that cost to buy…? I really like it!

  22. Last dude is like Cpt. Rogers taking down the flag 😀

  23. Make that but instead it's a master sword from the legend of Zelda

  24. Isnt this the same guy that made the rasengan.Crafty little fucker!!👏👏

  25. I love Arduino

  26. that last guy at the end used basic science.

  27. Who else hear all of me

  28. Can you do a tutorial on how to make it please

  29. i would try pushing it over with your foot on the handle..

  30. 4:30 Get rekt m9

  31. What is the song at 0:57

  32. 3:54 his laugh sounds like TheDooos laugh

  33. 4:21 this guy is smarter than the other guy

  34. Mjölner*

  35. You should've made it where it can be picked up by anybody, but only if they pick it up from a certain spot

  36. Add a remote for it. Then mess with people and choose who is worthy.

  37. It should be obvious to those people that he's doing something when he's picking it up because he's just kind of doing sitting there and holding the handle


  39. suffeciantly advanced your smart

  40. great way to see ass

  41. Leave it random for a day and see if people can get it

  42. "that is a magnet, telling yall right now"

  43. I wish you were on mythbusters

  44. how is it made

  45. Make a real mouser, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  46. what If they pull so hard they fart :/

  47. wow that last guy was smart

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