Newegg TV: Rosewill THOR V2 Gaming Full Tower Computer Case Overview

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2012-06-07 19:03:18

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  1. Question: Two of the case fans have their own MOLEX connector as well as a fan header sized connector. If you plug both the MOLEX connector and the fan header connector in will this mean speed control will not work for those two fans? Do they only need the smaller header connection plugged in?

  2. mine had coil whine from the fan controller.

  3. This is very well done (the video and the case)

  4. This is going to be my next case, while there are a lot of nice cases out there, I just want something big to provide more air flow and more room for drives and accessories.

  5. I like the white case but I would like the LeD fan to be red is it possible to replace it? Also this thing has a few fans do I need to replace them or are they good?

  6. Where do I connect the mulex cords?

  7. Amazing case, huge fans which will cut down on noise.HUGE downside, no dust filters for the 230's, the dust filters you do have (on the bottom) requires you to apply a screwdriver to the bottom of the case… THE BOTTOM!! 4:25 MAJOR FAIL=PASS!!

  8. so do i really need to buy any fans for this thing? because it appears that it has enough already, haha

  9. Guys what does the small reset button on the front of the case do ? The one you see around 2:05 ?

  10. I was wondering if this case is compatible with Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler i'm thinking of using it on my new PC if it is compatible.

  11. Just out of curiosity, would an H100i fit in the top mounting area with a push & Pull setup?

  12. sexy grill

  13. Thanks, this really helped me out!

  14. I have the white case and I love it. Best for air cooling.

  15. i can hide my hoes in there lol

  16. I have this in black. The lights are red. Very sexy and sinister. I have a Gaming5 Mobo with i7-4790k and an R9-390 gpu. A 5TB HDD and a 250GB SSD. A 900w Antec HCG PSU. All that with the fans and my case still looks empty. Im pretty sure this thing will fit anything in the desktop form and size that is currently on the market. The top opens up in these crazy vents and can be closed as well. This thing is so awesome. This case is huge and wont fit on those cheese dick computer desks they sell at walmart or wherever so make sure you have enough tabletop or floor space for it. For the price, you wont be disappointed. Oh and if you choose, you can replace the huge side fan with 4 smaller ones. Ill probably do that later but the 4 fans will give you better circulation.

  17. What is better: One 130mm fan or 4 120mm fans?

  18. LOL the case is more than half of her body i bet i could pick this girl up with one arm.

  19. Thanks NeweggJoanne for a great video, I have one of these cases on the way and needed to geek out on it for a minute this video calmed my DT's lol

  20. would this case fit a asus rampage vii motherboard

  21. 1:12 anyone know if it is possible to replace the front 230mm led fan with a different size fan like 200mm and adapters because I know some of the other fans in this case are replaceable with different sizes.

  22. This case sucks I own it. Aiflow is shit and fans are slow. Also the black version makes seeing anything nearly impossible.

  23. Rosewill THOR V2 vs Corsair 900D. Which is better?

  24. Is this compatible with ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 ?

  25. Damn this case is huge i think im gonna use this on my new rig 🙂

  26. Would this case fit an Asus x99 deluxe with a H100i cooler above it? o:

  27. If you werent to disarm it or make it better (because im low on money) can some check how much fps you would get in payday or mw4 or minecraft please respond because i am looking for a cheap but good frames per second with a really good prosseser please respond

  28. Does anyone know where the front panel fan headers go? Or what to plug into them or where it would be a huge help I someone could tell me.

  29. so do i connect all of those fan controls on the top panel to the power supply or the motherboard?

  30. On video this case looks tiny, in person this case is like Shaq.

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