Mighty Thor “Thunder in Her Veins” – Complete Story

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2016-04-15 19:51:01

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  1. lady thor is awesome

  2. whats the soundtrack used……..

  3. Comicstorian whats the background music?

  4. Cover unworthy Thor.

  5. give us story of wolverine of ultimate universe

  6. when are you going to cover the unworthy thor story ?

  7. What's the song at 3:46 ? Please i need to know.

  8. Thanks for the vid

  9. none of your business Nope!!


  10. Is this apart of all new all different marvel?

  11. A way to make this whole thing work is if Fury said
    Thor was died a long time ago. You are just a man named Donald Blake.
    It would explain everything. Why Odin gets pissed. Why Thor or this case Donald gives up the name Thor. How Mjolnir works now etc…

  12. When they see / realise they are not getting many additional female readers,

    and they see / realise they are actually losing male readers, they mostlikely will reverse this decision

    also, they mostlikely will scratch their heads when the movie with this new female Thor chick (coz of course there is going to be a movie eventually) will blow

    Two reasons why this "new" Thor won't last longer than 5 yrs or so
    Minder weergeven

  13. This thor is a whore

  14. This shit is getting worse than the loeb force

  15. The twist ending to the story was pretty good. Marvel's lost original sin's Thor and brought thru Thor-prime after the events of Secret Wars. How is he gonna develop and deal with the world he's now a part of to reclaim his role being worthy enough. Jane Foster's seems like a storyline place holder in that respect (…unless she isn't?). It's almost meta! I'll be interested to see what happens once Odinson escapes and the two meet up.

  16. So when she becomes Thor her body is purged of the cemo drugs. Why does her gained asgardian physiology not cure her of the cancer?

  17. would've been way better if the new Thor looked the same without the hammer and that it wasn't Jane

  18. dose the true thor get his hammer back

  19. What a fucking load of horse shit. Fuck you Marvel.

  20. That was so cool lol wonderful job!

  21. They need to make a movie on this book.

  22. i dislike this video because i dislike jane thor

  23. Man this is bullshit I feel like I'm forced to like this new 'Thor' when I'm reading the comic. I miss the true Thor ;_;

  24. Juan Sebastian Castro

    Is thor odinson coming back

  25. Lady Thor's design looks great, but they should change the name, its confusing and not a title.

  26. Hate Jane Foster as Thor,can't wait for the cancer to kill her so Odinson can be Thor again.

  27. Is it just me, or did this story just treat the Light Elves and Dark Elves as different race groups? WTF?

  28. So… whoever holds Mulner is given flowing blonde hair?

  29. How did Odin son end up there ?? The real Thor

  30. I love this story

  31. I'm super confuse 😥😕

  32. Ben said that he'll cover it a few months when it gets out, when is that, after civil war II maybe?

  33. do you know which comic tells us what happened to Odinson? (I only know up to what this vid shows)

  34. Since when can Thor beat Odin when he has the power to strip Thor of his powers ?
    Since when can Mjolnir be used against Odin when the REAL THOR couldn't do it ? And also Thor couldn't beat Odin much less Zues on the best day of his life n what makes Jane Foster so damn special anyway ? Thor Odinson had to perform acts of valor in order to wield his hammer what has Jane ever done ?

  35. This guy sucks at pronouncing Asgardian names.

  36. What were the words did Nick Fury said to Odin Son back at Original Sin?

  37. Elsa! Wtf?

  38. Didn't Jane say she didn't want to have magic cure her. That's what pisses me off then she could have been cured but know she may never be. Also why does the hammer stop the therapy but not the cancer

  39. odin looks at the hammer


  40. I've got an idea of how this is a feminazi comic. A perfect example is when Odin is called a "tyrant" and "relic" he is clearly portrayed as the imaginary patriarchy. And who comes in to beat up on and win against the patriarchal Odin? Feminazi female Thor. This sickening cancer of a comic is so bad it's laughable

  41. Wait, wasn't Angela the new Thor?

  42. i like your voice for loki lol

  43. What if the whisper that made Thor unworthy was "yippe kai yay mother****er!!!!!"

  44. Loved the background music for this video. Very dynamic. Worked very well with the narrator and story.

  45. Wait can som1 explain to me how Jane foster(who has cancer) got to the Moon n picked up the hammer, cuz I forgot

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