Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World – Deleted Scene 2

Thor and his mother, Frigga, discuss Loki’s situation in a new deleted scene from Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World”! Catch all the deleted scenes along with …
2014-01-29 18:16:08

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  1. I would really appreciate this on the movie plz

  2. I do prefer this scene more as I always felt Frigga was the kind of woman who would manage somehow to see her son in spite of Odin's orders.

  3. No wonder Alan Taylor didnt want to come back to direct Thor 3. The studio heads made delete all the good scenes.

  4. Those deleted scenes are the best scenes in the movie.

  5. I would pay good money for a director's cut of this movie, I love it, but the scenes here make it an even better movie!

  6. How quickly Thor forgets he nearly started a war on Jotunheim.

  7. Daniela Torres Rodriguez


  8. they just kept some useless scenes to cut some actually character developing scenes out of movie ?!!!! This IS Ridiculous! How in Asgard they could do this to Frigga ?! it was like one of the most interesting scenes EVER! showing the motherly love to her son! dammit!!! 

  9. They cut out all the important scenes…..

  10. this will be the first thing i'll edit back in. Yes i'm reediting my own personal version of Thor The Dark World.

  11. they should have kept this scene

  12. The deleted scenes are the always important and always Loki is in it. LOL

  13. this scene is so important

  14. all this time i thought Loki was the one who was casting the illusion so he could have a monologue with himself and self reflect.

  15. Mummmyyy!

  16. although it hurts my feelings I wish this would have been in the movie :')

  17. Sharing her magic with Loki….. and yet there are people saying that a Dr. Strange movie wouldn't fit in the Marvel universe because magic isn't grounded in reality. lol

  18. This movie needs an Extended Edition

  19. Great scene, but also the slightest bit confusing. When Thor and Frigga say that Frigga shared her "gifts" (i.e. her magic) with Loki, do they mean she simply taught him how to control magic and that magic is a skill anyone can learn with the proper guidance, or did she literally give him a portion of her powers?

  20. The worst part is, it's like a minute scene. Leaving these in wouldnt make the movie that much longer…"Oh no, a whole scary 60 seconds…whatever shall we do?"

  21. And I thought she was one of Loki's illusions.

  22. This was a good scene! Why was it cut!!! Directors Cut please Marvel…infact directors cut of all your films…

  23. This fucking explains it. Directors delete the good scenes. Fuck them and their "more action in two hours so we need to remove dialogue that's FUCKING IMPORTANT"

  24. i'm a loki fan after watching thor the dark world..dammit.fall victim to all of you.

  25. Make the entire movie in 3d and tell them actor`s to please stop wearing those Halloween costumes. This is King Richee im out ` lol !!

  26. This shit was dope! Arg! It's pissing me off that we get to see Jane eat cereal for 3 minutes but this scene was cut out. 🙁

  27. Isn't she his step mother in the comics

  28. I knew it already. Even though Loki learned magic from Frigga, but this scene isn't about Loki's illusion of Frigga visiting him in the cell.
    Because I feel and see the emotion and expression of Frigga when Loki was yelling at her. So, that wouldn't be Loki's illusion.
    If we just watch the movie, we would know about it already.
    I remember before I became one of Loki's fan, this scene made me feel really annoying broke my heart. A son (although just adopted) who yells at his mother. Typical.
    But now, I am LOKI'S FAN, I don't care about it anymore. Lol. 😛

  29. Frigga didn't mention Loki's massacre in New York?

  30. check out the new trailer on my channel

  31. She was the last person that Loki cared about and cared about him in return.

  32. They should've kept this scene in. 

  33. I don't get why scenes like this are deleted. Sure, they're short, but they add much needed context and background that, believe it or not, Marvel, the audience actually likes. This whole idea that, "People don't like movies that are over 2 hours" is bull crap as long as it isn't bloated like the last two Transformers movies. If you had included all the scenes with Malekith to help develop his character, then this movie would have been amazing, but like most of the solo Marvel movies since the first Iron Man, it was good, but not great. 

  34. Why the hell was this deleted? I spent the months following the film wondering whether Loki had just conjured a vision of Frigga of his own accord (ie, it was one-sided and all his doing) or whether they were communicating (Frigga actually conjured her own vision). Even went so far as to think "it says a lot if he conjures a vision of her where she (softly) scolds him. I was almost certain it was all Loki's independent doing because the spell was green… 

  35. I'm not identifying myself

    A scene that is completely redundant to the movie.

  36. why frigg had to die 🙁 she deserved more

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