Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World – Bloopers 1

Watch what happens when things don’t go quite right on the set of Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World”! Catch all the bonus features, including deleted scenes, …
2014-02-03 20:50:02

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  1. At least the cape isn't CGI

  2. 0:31 Malekith looks as if he was caught stealing pennies from his mum's purse lol

  3. I'm reminded of the Supernatural bloopers. When Chris has broken the hammer he plays along and swings the handle around. At the end when Chris makes the noise Tom just makes the noise as well.

  4. hehehehehehe loki at 0.24

  5. Did anyone catch captain America at 0:35

  6. Name of the song please!

  7. Please, tell what is the music name!

  8. Loki at the end! lol


  10. Vegas_Born88 Who knows

    Loki is always best

  11. what was the music ?? name of the music ??

  12. The end gets me every time XDD

  13. The last part tho 😂

  14. I like this. ANOTHER!!

  15. 0:33 can of Coke on the set? haha

  16. Chris: "MYAH!"
    Tom: "MYAH!"
    Natalie: *stands there like "dafuq is wrong with you two" XD

  17. At 0.39 its not tom hiddleson

  18. Hilarious how the hammer breaks, and LOL at Natalie Portmans moonwalk.

  19. :40 is the best part

  20. Thor: Byah!
    Loki: Nyaa!

    Me: lol!!!

  21. I thought Thor's hammer was unbreakable ah well
    Still really funny reaction Chris had

  22. So that's why it takes so long to make a movie, actors are always breakin the props. 😀

  23. BLYAH!!

  24. At 0:40 is not the real actor hahaha!

  25. Haha Loki at the end: NYAAH

  26. Fave movie = fave bloopers!

  27. EHEHEHEHE!!!

  28. Ayo Chris but I'm certain Tom was higher pitched than you were in the final scene LOL

  29. Lol,Thor's left with the mjolnir's handle haha

  30. Diana Ramos Palazuelos

    Jajaja lo ame

  31. Another! 😉

  32. Brilliant

  33. Снимать кино весело)

  34. =)))))))))))))))))))))))))

  35. I love watching blooper reels, why is this one so short? Even for a part one?

  36. One does not simply break Mjollnir!!!

  37. wooo my uni!

  38. 0:34 onwards is just people being flung about by the harnesses lol such grace

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