Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok/Phase 3 (2017) Teaser Trailer “The Fall of Asgard” (FanMade)

Thor: Ragnarok is scheduled to be released on November 3, 2017, in IMAX. THIS WAS A FAN MADE TRAILER (This is not Official trailer Thor Ragnarok) Thor: …
2017-03-13 17:03:15

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  1. God i hate the fan made bullshit trailers!

  2. Lorenzo andres salinas marin

    esto es solo una 👎👎👎😲😲😲💩💩💩💩💩💩

  3. Teaser pro, i hope you get cancer and your skin rots off.

  4. When Asgard falls, the ass will be visible.

  5. mish mash . stop it

  6. am sorry did i get you mad at what i side lol will stop makeing gay ass teasers and put in something better then this shit it a lot of shit put together and it looks like shit do it right and dont cry when someone says something because you look like a crybaby

  7. fucking hate this guy

  8. It's fake it said it at the end

  9. jose miguel Concepcion

    alguien que me diga por que sale cronos en esta película

  10. Bull shit trailer. Did no one notice a clip from the Titans movie?

  11. after not getting both of them in civil war (understandably) I'm glad hulk will also be in thor Ragnar ok

  12. Jose Fredd Angelo Ruda Munguia

    Pure shit

  13. This looks like a fan made trailer. Very well made even though entirely misleading. I am surprised that the big studios keep allowing these to be made without a clear indication of what its is as in the end it might confuse the story line and REAL trailer for the movie.

  14. thor looks weird without the long blond hair…..weird!

  15. stop adding movies to one movie and saying it ragnarok

  16. good lying

  17. Glad to see the fire monster from Moana is here.

  18. that's sum dark shitw

  19. soy yo o esta mierda esta combinada con peliculas de marvel y otras como furia de titanes

  20. juan franciso mansilla

    porq hacen estas pavadas.. busquen un laburo parásito

  21. que horrível

  22. So boring..

  23. click bait? clicked for the Kratos looking Thor…

  24. All these fan made click bait videos piss me off. Why not make something new and original in your spare time as opposed to misleading people and infringing on the intellectual property of others?

  25. The films ate great to watch. The second film Dark World was great with Thor kicking ass!

  26. The Epic Gamechanger

    But some, actually a lot of the scenes were from Thor the dark world

  27. So is this what's going on while the guys from MS3TK are launched into space?! Please, rescue them!!!!

  28. Whoever made this…they forgot the Midgard serpent. The biggest antagonist ever.

  29. Guess we have to wait till the night before the movie comes out for a real trailer?

  30. I hope Fenrir will be in Ragnarok.

  31. Врун, трейлер норм, только это не Рагнарёк, а вторая часть фильма ТОР

  32. te pngo like👍👍👍👍👍

  33. Oye Qué significa fan madre ese y perdón eeeee😖😖😖😖😖🙌🙋👍

  34. It's not real there other Thor films put together.

  35. victor julio marcano gomez

    Opino que luky deberia verse en las caracteristicas de su propia naturaleza segun su raza de origen…

  36. but it looks cool

  37. Damn this is a good fan made trailer

  38. aye this is a dope fan trailer but. this isn't what the Thor Ragnarok is about . they're basically on planet hulk.

  39. Marvel is going ham on the movies

  40. i want real trailers not fucking nasty ass fan made ones that lie and is bad quality

  41. how can i block teaser trailer from showing up on my youtube

  42. Splicing together old scenes and trailers for no reason while collecting welfare makes me angry. Go get a job.

  43. fanmade. not the real trailer

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