Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron – Mini Thor Meets Hawkeye & Captain America – OFFICIAL | HD

Official Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron – Mini Thor Meets Hawkeye & Captain America. When Tony Stark jumpstarts a dormant peacekeeping program, things …
2015-05-26 10:28:54

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  1. So who's this kid?

  2. in bloopers for actual thor films i just want mini thor to come up and be like what and i doing i gotta go to thor school

  3. It's adorable how much Chris Evans lights up around kids. He's such a sweetheart~

  4. Can chris be my baby daddy

  5. i am your fane captain

  6. I smiled through the entire thing; so pure!!

  7. Do you think the actors backstage were like "sooooo….who do you think he liked more?" "Definitely me"

  8. Narcissa Malfoy is a God.

    This is to adorable to handle.

  9. Chris Evans would be the perfect dad! shame he's turned gay :/

  10. Mini Thor as cute as Elder one 🙂 😉

  11. Why isn't Chris a dad yet? I mean seriously…This man needs to be a dad.

  12. that kid is going places

  13. I bet Chris Evan's mum is on his case for grandkids lol

  14. chris evans is so good and loving with kids, lucky the future wife and his future babies. He is definitely going to be a good fun dad.

  15. Mini Thor, so adorable!

  16. i'm looking for: "I don't wike it"

  17. Love how he calls them by their character' names and that they respond to them

  18. Mini Thor meets darrell

  19. No parents,we eat all the candy!

  20. OMG JEREMY AND CHRIS 😂😂😂💖 both are so handsome

  21. All my favs are Chris,chris denker,Chris Evans and Chris hemsworth

  22. Why is everyone saying "wikes"?

  23. Look where they fire the arrow. Chris knows

  24. Completely Uninteresting

    Chris is going to be such a good father, he's so good with kids, this was such a cute interview!

  25. Cryaotic sounds so much like Chris Evans. Not the voice, just the personality, especially in this one.

  26. Chris is going to be an amazing father.

  27. jeremy I also like chocolate chips

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