Marvel Comics: Thor Odinson

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2015-02-03 15:47:50

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  1. well at least I didnt miss it!!!

  2. Dope intro to a doper video!

  3. more THOR!!!!

  4. So Thor just magically turns into a girl?

  5. wats the name of the intro song

  6. What color is Thor's blood?

    Greek gods have gold (ickor) blood so what do Norris gods have flowing through their vains?

  7. ComicsExplained how about a history of the shadow king

  8. explain why. he not worthy what did fury say to him in original sin

  9. Intro song ????

  10. barely mentioned his abilities

  11. list your music

  12. Guys, is there any video explaining Asgard? I want to know how the asgardians live, and, if possible, their technology (like the use of Uru).

  13. I think Capt America should be the only other person able to wield the hammer since he's basically the most heroic guy in the MU

  14. you should've talked about how thor is part elder god and is actually more powerful than odin

  15. The annoyance, it's overwhelming. Smh.

  16. What happened to this intro this intro on your vids were mad cool you should set bring them back

  17. love your intro.

  18. What is the name of the song playing at the end?

  19. Ok important question, what did Nick Fury say to Thor to make him unworthy??? I know Jane is Thor, but I cant find out anywhere what was said!!!! Thanks, Bigfoot Willy.

  20. The intro theme is a remix instrumental version of The Heavy's song Short Change Hero.

  21. what about the story with gorr the god butcher, those were the best comics ever

  22. Please tell me the name of the intro song it'sooooooo AWSOME

  23. Man I love your stuff, I'm binge watching all your vids…have been for days lol

  24. I thought it ruined it when people were able to pick up Thor's hammer it took away the uniqueness that is Thor. As for Ragnarok I prefer it if the Asgardians were gone they were so full of themselves and thought themselves above all races.

  25. Every time I here this intro I think of borderlands 2

  26. Awesome channel man!

    Is it possible to get a Silver Surfer episode?

  27. The One Who Is Better Than You

    What happened to Beta Ray Bill these past few years?
    And WTF truth was told to Thor by Nick Fury to make him unworthy to mjolnir?

  28. I hate superman overated chump

  29. I don't like U.S. style comics AT ALL, so why can't i stop watching these vids.

  30. Gawd I really miss classic Thor who was unstoppable / I mean where is that awesome guy. Now days their is this joke Thor who is only used as a punching bag to exaggerate the popularity of other characters. Heck they even have this women Thor now. Dammit!

  31. Unfortunately the skip button doesn't work via mobile

  32. Thor's storyline just like this world(Earth) and it's inhabitants has been hi-jacked by the very same cabal the puppet masters. They love to watch, just like a film…caught in an endless loop over and over they sit back in the dark with their popcorn and soda…its their ultimate entertainment..but each film loop is different…kind of like a remake of a remake…but they all the same. But similar to the cult classic…the "Rocky Horror" picture show…those viewing it can just like here on earth participate…or mimic the characters. Life imitates art and truth is really stranger than fiction. History is written by the winners…we've all been taught…and at's next movie script as a pen to paper is almost finished and under production. The mirrors of Hollywood just need to include their "in our face"..(think Bruce Jenner) the "androgynous agenda"…call it a sub-plot..the beast..the artificial Christ-like figure, this Hero to save mankind, bring peace to earth and lead the ushering of the new world order…as it has been prophesied in the bible…the star has already been cast…and this lead role is given to a Women…. Thor this time though has seen the past. Thor himself has woken up from being trapped in this loop. He knows now mankind can only be saved…by saving themselves, by waking up…just as Thor has woken to this same reality…It's Oklahoma folks…it's Ragnarok…or is it more like Zombieland?Time to wake up!! Live Worthy, because in order to trash this endless loop, break the chain and to throw it down in the garbage. That's what it will take… it might just be you to be asked to lift Almighty Thor's Hammer…and that means anyone or everyone… Man, Women or Child it makes no difference. The difference will be you.

  33. I wish you had explained the Odinforce and Rune King aspects of his sacrifice.  Where did they come from?  How did Thor receive them?  I think they (or at least the Odinforce) will play a big role in the Ragnarok movie.

    Thor by then end of the movie, will get those power ups, so as to be on a closer level playing field with Thanos and therefore be ready for Infinity pt. 2.

  34. I really want to see a full episode on Beta Ray Bill.

  35. thanks for the vid, not to nit pick but…. you say that the "60 second rule" isn't established till later, but I had just read the issue he is introduced and thought it had been mentioned, and then right after you say it, sure enough you can see in the panels that he says :"if I let go of it, in about sixty seconds I revert back to my normal self"

  36. What is that BEAT! Your intro is sick.🙉💥👍

  37. I love the unworthy Odinson. It frees him and makes him more relatable and less overly powered. May you never be Thor again.

  38. You could do a 1 hour video, i'd watch no problem 😀

  39. Is this whole 60 second window happen in the movies? Or is this strictly comics?

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