Manowar – Thor – The Brave…

Thor The Mighty … Thor The Brave Thor (The Powerhead) Black Clouds On The Horizon Great Thunder And Burning Rain His Chariot Pounding, I Heard The …
2013-12-31 16:00:52

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  1. You really should have used images of the Norse Thor and not the Marvel Thor. The Marvel Thor doesn't even look like the real Thor. The real thor has red hair, fiery eyes and a huge beard. He isn't blonde and clean-shaven. And the hammer isn't even the right shape.

  2. monsters and man will die together, in the end .love that!

  3. Thor bringer of Cheese, For Cheese I will Die !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sign of the hammer, Got that tattoo'd on my left arm. Very epic!

  5. wops metal

  6. hail the Good of thunder

  7. He shoots thunders from his nipples too?wtf 00:20

  8. Metal lives!! Keep fighting the world my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. for asgard …..for fucking…..asgard

  10. the compression is atrocious

  11. Thorsten Keeper of mankind.hail

  12. Thor can't fly though people. He was known for this fact and was known for having to walk everywhere (unless he was on his chariot).

  13. heavy metal true

  14. Saaaaaaaappppagggggg forever

  15. Of course Thor is brave! look at all the blessings he has!!!lol!!!

  16. watching too much vikings brought me here.

  17. Das antiga

  18. autentic masterpiece

  19. that fucking solo

  20. 32 years of this song and I'm still loving it!! Hail!!!!!

  21. this shit is hilarious..epic

  22. why use so much homoerotic art from usa comic books for kids?

  23. Παντελής Μορφόπουλος


  24. Thor the mighty, Thor the brave
    Crush the infidels in your way
    By your hammer let none be saved
    Live to die on that final day
    Gods, monsters and men
    Will die together in the end

  25. therion' 2007 live version is a great tribute

  26. Παντελής Μορφόπουλος

    gods monsters and man will die together in the end

  27. Prince Arthas Menethil

    Anyone came here for worshiping the God of Thunder?

  28. Riley The Flaming Wookie Cookie


  29. Who could dislike this????? One of my favourite songs!!!

  30. Screaming for over half a minute in the end…SICK,pure POWER

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