Lego Thor Ragnarok minifigures

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2017-04-03 17:27:46

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  1. Thor ragnarok

  2. why's Loki blue?

  3. in the trailer that women with the weird helmet thing she breaks it

  4. I saw Lego kickass behind thor

  5. I just like the new Thor 💪🏻

  6. "They will include the hammer" LOL

  7. Wow! I love them.

  8. they wont include thor's hammer cos someone (i dont know her name) chrushed it

  9. where you get that

  10. Well he obviously hasn't seen the trailer

  11. what that creepy pasta

  12. His hammer is destroyed

  13. Honestly I'm not actually mad😂I was in fact laughing that someone even used my picture… but a link to my YouTube Channel : "SplatBrick 222 " would be nice

  14. Hey I sent that to delta customs!! Why didn't u give me credit? Delta already tagged me!! Why didn't you?

  15. Saw behind hulk

  16. There custom

  17. Ugh I wish we got an ares big fig

  18. The Crosseyed Cyclops

    Kick Ass behind Loki?

  19. Um, how am I only now seeing this!?

  20. Matthijs Van de Voorde

    mjolnir is destroyed, i hope you saw the trailer

  21. Captain Marvel is getting her own movie in 2018 or 2019

  22. Anyone notice ms marvel in the back

  23. Angelo Michael Monillas

    kick ass too

  24. The background ones are customs

  25. kick ass is behind loki

  26. I saw in the backround the joker from suicide squad

  27. do you know ANY THING ABOUT marvel ….

  28. i wish i had those figures

  29. Behind Loki is the guy in kick ass!

  30. Yes!!!!!! It past me birthday but the new Lego Thor, Hulk, n Loki look AWESOME!!!!

  31. I like the Hulk and Thor new costumes I want them so much!!!

  32. luis alejandro isava hernandez

    i dont like the blue part of Hulk, But Hella looks AMAAAAAAAAZING. IS ONE OF THE MOST INCREDIBLE FIGURES

  33. I saw kick ass…

  34. hammer is gone boy

  35. Kickass was behind Loki

  36. Anthony Groulx-Lalumière

    in the trailer a girl destroys the hammer thor has a mass instead

  37. cool video

  38. Hela broke Thor's hammer it's in the trailer

  39. I still hope that Lego won't spoil the movie again like captain America civil war

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