King Thor vs Thorbuster Ironman

A truly epic fight. Artist was awesome, writing was great, i should have made a vid about this a long time ago. Hope u enjoy it! ^^
2011-06-05 04:39:53

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  1. kelly wilson whitehead

    Take notes DC, THIS is how you do a Man vs God battle

  2. Back when Marvel was making great comics!

  3. kelly wilson whitehead

    I really hope we get to see this battle on the big screen (no the Forrest battle in Avengers doesn't count)


  5. ironman is just a arrogant cocky prick he deserve to kick his ass badly

  6. what comic is this?

  7. THOR tells it like it is…. no bs

  8. thodr is amazing! we need more THOR lor our lives!

  9. It's so awesome how THOR just peals off Ironman's armor as if it were made of tin foil.

  10. If Iron Man had spent as much time toughening the suit as he did adding ab and muscle lines, he would of won the fight.

  11. cosmic armor superman is stronger then rune king thro

  12. So lesson learned. Don't EVER fuck with thor.

  13. If he didn't have the odin force this would've been A LOT closer

  14. love how Thor rag-dolls him at the end.

  15. Should have used hulk buster.

  16. What comic is this?

  17. Haha cap is the cheer leader on the sidelines of this battle

  18. dang Thor losing it
    Tony tried
    cap so ballsy getting that close

  19. Thor acting like a badass

  20. does that mean iron man owned Alaska

  21. Apparently, in the modern comic books, Thor is quite often a total asshole. Really makes you wonder about the exact definition of "worthy" for that damn Hammer…

  22. awsome video

  23. Very well done, bro.

  24. Is this battle in the ultimate universe.

  25. Gotta love what level of douche Thor is. Arrogant about violence, pompous about the superiority of the Asgardians. Every single insult he spewed could be aimed back at himself. Every statement of superiority could be thrown back at him just replace technology with magic. Thor is just an epic douche running around with Daddy's magic underwear on.

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