King Thor vs Galactus (The Rundown)

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2016-09-01 12:35:51

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  1. lmfao this is your finest work rob

  2. One of the lazier video explanations compared to your more recent videos though!

  3. God this is such a waste of your time lols I feel so bad you had to read this xD

  4. Dat Captain Plant line at 9:23

  5. Favorite narration to date!

  6. lol JC pennys ??

  7. I guess it kind of makes sense that Thor can give the planet life again since his mother is Gaea? I enjoyed reading these comics though, interesting to see so many gods and their system in the marvel universe 🙂

  8. gorr? you can't fool me voldemort

  9. you sooooo don't care for this story lmao

  10. Thor : Defender of Ratchet Earth ;P

  11. I always wondered about a marvel d.c cross over were Hulk gets a hold of a red lantern ring.

  12. The original God of Thunder with the three different Thors fighting Gorr had some of the most beautiful artwork I have ever seen for any of the Marvel heroes. The second part however, just like the story, seemed very rushed and left much to be desired.

  13. Hope the Necrosword makes a return during the current run of Thor, God Butcher was a great revelation about how gods are viewed across the cosmos.

  14. this dude probably was drunk making this video haha 😂

  15. Grim Reaper, O Ceifador Sinistro

    The God Butcher was nice, but goddamn that ending was complete bulls

  16. this was pretty bad. you don't know a whole lot about the asgardians.

  17. lol captin planet

  18. whatdoyoumean the joker tried to copyright fish?

  19. U must have been in a good mood when u did this one.😁

  20. this video is way different from your usual videos.

  21. this was my first rundown. pretty sure it is my last as well.

  22. the sarcasm was amazing!

  23. "Hey guys we're back from shop- O MY GAWD!!! IT'S !GALACTUS!!!"

  24. I loved it. Here's my credit card go to JC Pennys. Then he gives the sword to the G-man for safe keeping. Ok so when do you give a super vilian a weapon that kills God's….Really. Bring on the Clown Fish. This one was so Funny I love it Bro.

  25. Damn it thor is so cool

  26. lol i felt like Rob had too much fun with this! Plot devices, dude bros, thor chicks and captain planet. well done sir

  27. I normally like your videos, but it seems as if somebody was holding a gun to your head on this one. If you didn't want to do it, you should of put it off and done something else.

  28. Holly cheese. You hate this story.

  29. This video was comedy gold. I can tell by your mood while telling this that you're not really into this story but it was still entertaining nonetheless.

  30. love this shit man

  31. Rob explains sex

  32. You have funny way of explaining things.

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