Katy Perry – Roar – Parody (Thor)

Who is your movie superhero crush? Here is an entire music video about mine 🙂 Special thanks to: Music performed by Mikey Ace: …
2013-09-16 06:52:46

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  1. Thus is so stupid, that ist funny again.

  2. In my opinion, I REALLY love Batman!

  3. 2017 watching again. It's been a couple of years. Wasn't disappointed to come across this channel again.

  4. YOUR so. beautiful💞💖

  5. loki is way better

  6. i love thor, superman, captan amarica, iron man

  7. I love you and thor

  8. i love thor and superman and batman and iron man and joker

  9. VenetianPrincess, Ich bin der thor Sie suchen …
    please marry me ….

  10. Thor is so hot and seksy

  11. I what to be miss th or too

  12. spider man, iron man

  13. Layla from MeetTheVloggers has the exact dog and this dogs called Layla 😂👍 2:16

    Btw omg Layla and Nemo are super cute i would cuddle them i have a king charles cavaliar and she is super cute i love her Shes been through a lot but shes a fighter she fought a merma and a massive infection inside that was getting to her heart she had to be cut open she is the most luckiest, strongest dog i know and she recovered hugely she can walk normal run normal ect.. shes in her 50's❤

  14. You've been making videos for years and you haven't gotten over 1mil yet?

  15. She's hot

  16. sorry favourite film

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