Iron Man vs Thor (Forest Fight) | The Avengers (2012) | 4K ULTRA HD

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2016-09-04 23:58:43

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  1. Don't forget power is at 400% capacity…that's the only way to justify this fight. xD

  2. uses lighting power…
    directs it to a metal suit that obviously will shield anything contained in it (that's why one should sit within a car during lighting) ….
    charges suit to 400%

  3. When they started fighting, it was a forest fight. When they finished fighting the forest was gone.

  4. Didn't see Forrest in this fight, but what would he do anyway besides RUN???

  5. Thats why i love Iron Man,
    Not Alien, Not God but he could destroy all of them.!

  6. lol Thor is too much for Ironman to handle.

  7. "Power 400 percent"

    Howbow da

  8. Iron man hits-10 | Thor hits-8 | Winner IRON MAN

  9. How can this be? If Thor is the God of thunder then fighting and defeating Iron Man and Captain America would be a price of cake for him. Well it's movie stuff.

  10. my favorite part

  11. People who say Iron Man shouldn't have stood a chance clearly don't read the comics..Because in the comics they fought each other a number of times with Tony usually holding his own..Remember in the comics Iron Man is a class 100 + toner…And has been shown lifting well over 15,000 -20,000 tons…While he is no where near as strong as or as powerful asThor, he's certainly strong enough to give him a half way descent fight like the movie showed..Of course Thor not holding back and going full force would demolish Iron Man in seconds but Thor is almost always holding back..And under most circumstances Iron Man can usually give him Thor descent fight..So the movie was pretty accurate because it's pretty damn obvious Thor had the obvious strength advantage in the films fight..

  12. You know, if Thor's lightning can power up Tony's suit, WHY THE FUCK DO THEY NOT USE THIS TECHNIQUE MORE!?

  13. "Uh bad call, he loves his hamm-"

  14. when they make out its a fair fight xD

  15. imagine how akward it would be if cap dies after jumping that high?

  16. Youtube, I've Come To Bargain

    He loves his hammer – Tony

  17. Captain america looks so cheesy and shit. I couldve picked a better actor to play him

  18. I think the comment battle of the 1970's comics readers vs the movie fans is a lot more intense.

  19. what does thor say to his hammer before throwing it first time ?

  20. Help Me Reach 5000 Subscribes Without Any Video

    Thor > Hulk > Iron Man > Captain America

  21. This fight honestly just looks so bad to me. I like the Avengers and all, but their fight feels so forced, the choreography is garbage and as if to spread salt in the wound, they show more of Cap in that weird fucking… WHO MADE HIM WEAR THAT?!

  22. Thor definitely didn't lose this fight, idk what you guys are smoking. Iron Man's suit was powered up to 400% and he couldn't even put a scratch on Thor, meanwhile Thor was able to crush Iron Man's arm like it was made of plastic.

  23. LOOL I die every time Tony throws the Shakespeare insult at Thor.

  24. I wish Frigga came down and beat up Tony when he was talking about "Mother's drapes".

  25. What if iron man made a suit of vibranium before going to the civil war 😍😂😍

  26. Meanwhile in a parallel universe Thor is a god, worshipped in every part of the world, with millions of people celebrating his glory, and Jesus is a character of Marvel.

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