Hulk vs Thor (Totally Awesome Hulk Vol 2: The Hulk In the Mirror)

Amadeus Cho, also known as Mastermind Excello, Prince of Power, and The Hulk as of 2015, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books …
2016-11-18 13:15:37

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  1. why is thor a woman

  2. how about hulk vs zeus??????

  3. I haven't read any, but my impressions of ANAD Marvel are not good.

  4. we need bruce banner hulk back

  5. Story was dumb. Just wasted 20mins of my life

  6. All new all shit

  7. Sorry we need the real Hulk not a puny wannabe…Hulk better step up or bring our real guy back (Bruce Banner)

  8. i loved banner hulk most because he was a flawed hero who was unpredictable at times but the one thing you knew was not to male him angry

  9. What i hate more thN change is change that doesnt make sense, why did they make a ching chong hulk and a feminist thor with zero training. The hammer doesnt teach you how to fight so how does she know how to fight????

  10. I hate jane foster!! this is p.c/sjw culture at its finest. Marvel ruined thor by making it a woman. Why do women need to copy everything and not make a character as their own. Odinson is a god through history and pre story jsme foster all a sudden becomes worthy because…….why??

  11. why the hell these writers are fucking with the original story line!?This story is bullshit so are the characters 😐😕

  12. I'm sorry dude just still can't picture Thor as a female. So can't do this video.

  13. those New hulk and thor are so silly..

  14. i think this hulk has potential

  15. hell's Harry dresden?

  16. i hope cho is smarter than his sister

  17. Not sure which is more retarded between asian hulk and female thor.

  18. cho hulk sucks balls

  19. I do not like the new hulk I miss Bruce banner as the hulk he was the original and the best!

  20. Would you do something on the Hurcules vs Hulk?

  21. ryan pottor should play amadus cho

  22. Cho hulk will never be as good as banner

  23. what is the outro song??

  24. i dont like this new hulk. its stupid. should have let cho be the iron spiderman just like in the cartoon of ultimate spiderman

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