Hulk VS Thor HD

Hulk very strong.
2012-08-28 09:22:48
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  1. So is there any teammate thor hasn't fought lol

  2. Jose Ramon Escalante Mateo

    thor 0 hulk 1

  3. Based on this Kurse should be able to dominate Hulk

  4. lol i love human rag doll effect with hulk

  5. Вероника Столетняя

    Military people are shown really stupid in this. Seriously, people, what the hell are you doing?! You know that bullets don't hurt Hulk, they just piss him off!

  6. Oops wrong universe :p

  7. okay I guess he wants to subdue him, but if he really wanted to kill him, couldn't he just send some insane beam of lightning through hulks heart, effectively stopping it and killing him, not through brute force, or fighting skill, just the simple fact that one can harness mother fucking lightning and the other cannot? Iron Man's suit sort of makes sense I guess, his suit somehow absorbed the lightning bolt like a recharge, but for everyone else, a giant beam of lightning is death, this is not a question of strength, that's an insta death for any human with a heart, do you have any idea how powerful a lightning bolt is? let alone a damn Thor lightning bolt?

  8. thorr 💙

  9. 0:48 Thor uses the force!

  10. hulk piggybag thor while thor holds the hammer, so does that count for lifting the hammer?

  11. Hulk only becomes further enraged as the battle goes on. It's really a losing battle for Thor in the long run.

  12. i think cap cud win hulk, becaus he beat winter shoulder and winter shoulder beat iron man who cud fight hulk. also cap defeated ironman and thor, so cap wud wate the hulk easy, long fight but he'd win

  13. Hulk is #1 period, nobody can beat him, he's unstoppable and everybody know it, even the other evengers scared of him, there's no limit to his power and he's immortal, the madder he gets the stronger he gets and he always get more and more angry, he the best point blank

  14. 1:13 Hulk just lifted Thor's hammer yet couldn't ten seconds earlier. Explain plz.

  15. 0:50 it was at that moment Hulk knew he F*cked up

  16. Thor dodged bullets and got tossed around like a rag doll. LOL such a pussy.

  17. 1:43 the guy in the jet shit himself


  19. man I really miss Thor and Hulk…civil war was quite boring without them >_>

  20. 0:52 Hulk offline

  21. He should've just left the hammer on him lol

  22. how magneto and storm lift thior hammer but not hulk total bs

  23. The VFX are great and detailed in that Hulk close up shot at 0:57.
    Too bad the Hulk VFX on the wider shots aren't on the same level (as cool as they are).

  24. Am I the only Hulk fan? I love his infinite rage

  25. 1:59 getting thrown like that would make me shat my pants.

    Get smashed

  27. target angry!
    target angry!

  28. Why would you sit there and try to shoot hulk when the best distraction is already fighting him?

  29. To end the fight Hulk is the strongest because in world war hulk, Hulk beat every earth superhero and the only one that maintained him was the Sentry a character with the power of a million exploding suns and HULK managed to stalemate him and HULK literally took a step and shook the entire East Coast. ps Thor is an Earth 616 character even if he's asgardian so fuck thor search up the cartoons and comics and hulk beats thor most of the time even in Thor's own comics and cartoon

  30. 1:01 when you see your ex coming

  31. I never knew a fighter jet could hover in the middle of air like that 🤔interesting

  32. this movie is completely out of logic. 😡😡😡😬😬😬

  33. This was absolutely stupid but how long can a fight be focused on in a movie of this nature anyway? Better than "The Incredible Hulk Returns" but not by much!

  34. Hulk stands with his foot on Thor's neck and God of Thunder grasps for air.
    Thor: "Save….Martha!"
    Hulk (taken aback): "What? What did you say?"
    Thor: "Save…Martha!"
    Hulk: "….who the fuck is Martha?"
    Hulk then squishes Thor's head. The End.

  35. Thor was holding back

  36. Thank You

  37. The jet sequence was just hilarious.

  38. …Mjolnir doth not flip when she is thrown.

  39. Step 1: Get hulk on ground
    Step 2: Put hammer on hulk's chest.

    Hulk is contained.

  40. 0:35 "Fuck, this dude is gonna be one hell of an ally…"

  41. Target angry, target angry!!!

  42. The only reason Thor was managing to stand against the Hulk, was because he's a Demi God. And still with that slightly advantage Thor was having the most difficult time to defeat someone heads up.

  43. Who else came here just to see the hulk lift the hammer?

  44. He fucking can't pick up his fucking hammer?!??!?! HES THE HULK

  45. anyone knows what´s the song of this scene?, i mean in the original soundtrack…

  46. Hulk is the best one

  47. i was really hoping they would show Hulk thunderclap at least once in this movie

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