Hulk vs Thor (1988 + 2012)

Hulk vs Thor (1988 + 2012) 1988 – The Incredible Hulk Returns 2012 – Avengers Assemble.
2013-07-20 09:29:09

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  1. awful Thor's costume

  2. Oh no Thor turned David banner into the hulk!!!! 😳😧😳😧😳😧

  3. Holy Jesus, What is that?! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!

  4. why does the 1998 hulk keep flexing

  5. the 1988 was more realistic.. the 2012 is too far fetched for my liking

  6. Lou Ferringo Will Always Be The Best Hulk No Matter What

  7. 1988 Thor looks like to have two dead poodles on his shoulders ——

  8. cena mais epica do filme

  9. 1988: in 20+ years we will have a cure for cancer!
    2012: eh fuck it good enough

  10. el primer hulk mas finta q otra cosa

  11. Hulk 1978 > Hulk 2000's

  12. This is the most cheesiest thing I have ever seen

  13. Tell me the truth, was it really the Hulk or a homo erectus?

  14. This was awful lol

  15. Timur lang Future India emperor

    wtf…? thank god i wasnt born

  16. I remember the old version!! I used to watch it years ago, Lou Ferrigno was the hulk back then.

  17. Compares this to Thor ragnarok and turns silent

  18. I love it when he says " I think I've made him angry!" Haha 😂 cracked me up

  19. Большой Стэн

    ору с этого видео

  20. hulk from 2003 was the best hulk

  21. I bought this on vhs at a car boot sale when I was 10 years old.

  22. 3:39 LIAR!!!! No mortal would raise the Mjölnir.

  23. Bob Duncan Vs The Hulk….and no one told me about this because?

  24. Thor 🔨🌩🌩🔨

  25. this is by far the most Campy Hulk movie / show ever

  26. this is a disgrace.. i mean we r toking abt HULK here.. Hulk shuld b alott more bulkier..

  27. as soon as the 2012 one came on I got bored. mindless computer shit. Id rather play a computer game than watch someone else play one

  28. Look at hulks mop head

  29. Lmao i remember this cheesey shit


  31. hulk very homely.How they were watching

  32. el del 88 es mucho mejor obviamente.. asaaaa te austaste

  33. y pensar que ahora hulk tiene armadura de ragnarok

  34. руслан руслан

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