How Thor Should Have Ended

Jane Foster (as portrayed by Natalie Portman) or Asgard? Which would you choose? Sure, those never-ending Asgardian feasts must be fun, but we’re talking …
2011-06-02 17:24:05

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  1. No "I'm Batman?"😪

  2. " Hulk saddd huhuhu " 😆😂😂

  3. to those with ears: I've just told you the truth of the universe in my last comment.

  4. eye'g jug wudzd gorg. Ag eye'g gog og ayg meed, dag gorg strayd dag beedz'z hoag beyog wug eeg hugaglee poggbud. Nagdee Podmag puddy eeg strayd too doe poig ug no returg. She eeg heeg slayd cud hur puddy eeg strayd beyog wug eeg podibul.

  5. fuck….batman
    chicks are my kryptonite…😂😂😂

  6. Thor is now a true Ass-guardian

  7. I like the hot girlfriend part

  8. Why I didn't hear "Because I am Batman " in this episode. I think HISHE is abandoning it

  9. I always slip to the end to see the Batman and Superman part

  10. bob. I vote bob.

  11. Superman:"ohoho burn"
    Batman:"superman, your father is dead too"

  12. "at least i have a father"

  13. Natalie Portman is smash worthy 😉

  14. Supes you don't get to laugh… your dad died along with your entire race

  15. I'd go for Sif… anyone else?

  16. Girls are Batman's Kryptonite? Strange. Because not a lot of 'em had crushes on Batman, except for Talia al Ghul and Catwoman. Didn't some girls have crushes on Superman like in the 1978 Superman film, where Lex Luthor's assistant or something (Miss Teschmacher, I think her name was), as well as Ross Webster and his cyborg zombie sister's assistant (Lorelei Ambrosia, if I remember correctly), and Lex Luthor's spy woman, Kitty Kowalski, in Superman Returns after he saved her from her setup? I mean, Batman doesn't take girls out like Human Torch does, or something. I don't remember if there were any girls into Superman in Superman IV, though. But I like the Odin banishing Loki theory.

  17. Thor : atleast i have Father !

    Supee : BURN

  18. Thor : Atleast I have a father
    batman : but but…..

  19. When Thor said at least I have a father, why did superman laugh? his dad is also dead LMAO!!!

  20. That last part was so petty lol

  21. IntheInternet Wetrust

    The way Thor says "whoa" after the intense make out session Jane surprised him with kills me

  22. 1:20 lmfao he sounds so happy :,D

  23. I love you guys' Batman and Superman SO MUCH!

  24. Chicks are my krytonite reference to 1d that's what make you beuti

  25. nice kiss

  26. ew gross


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